How aCe  works

aCe uses AI and automation to scan your website for accessibility errors and tells you exactly where you stand in regards to legislation.

aCe is AI-powered

aCe’s AI is designed to experience your site like a person would and tell you exactly what isn't accessible on it.

aCe is fully automated

aCe automatically scans your website in order to flag and diagnose accessibility errors from end-to-end.

aCe’s main testing categories

  • Clickables - button, links & controls more
  • Orientation - focus, popups & more
  • Menus - navigations, dropdowns & more
  • Carousels - regions, controls & more
  • Tables - layouts, headings & more
  • Graphics - Alt text, spacers & more
  • Forms - validations, labels & more
  • Document - language, landmarks & more
  • Readability - headings, contrasts & more

Get your results within seconds

  • 1

    Enter your domain

    Test any domain, anywhere on the web. There's no limit to the number of tests you can run

  • 2

    Get an accurate audit

    The results will have details for every section of the scan, whether you’re compliant or not

  • 3

    Download or share the report

    You can use the report to share with your team or peers, and decide your next steps

Know where you stand

What does my compliancelevel  mean?

  • Your website is compliant with legislation and is accessible to people with disabilities

  • Your website is partially accessible but still missing some key elements for full compliance

  • Your website is not accessible to people with disabilities and you are at risk of litigation


Find out now if your website is ADA  & WCAG  compliant