ADA & WCAG Compliance for E-Commerce

Protect  Your Store From Web Accessibility Lawsuits

accessiBe provides online stores with an affordable and effortless solution to achieve full ADA and WCAG compliance. Avoid lawsuits, boost brand perception, and tap into new revenue streams.
Scattered products: headphones, camera, clothes...


Designed to protect  all types of stores

accessiBe protects tens of thousands of online stores across all verticals. We have experience and expertise. We got you covered.

  • WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance

    Ongoing WCAG & ADA compliance even when the website updates

  • Certification & Statement

    Accessibility statement and certification of performance

  • Daily Compliance Monitoring

    Re-scanning and fixing accessibility issues every 24 hours

  • Monthly Compliance Auditing

    Emailing you a professional compliance audit every month

  • Skin Care

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Home Décor

  • Electronics

  • Pharma

  • Sports

  • Pet Care

  • Music

3 Minute Demo

How does it work? fully automatically!

By installing accessiBe with a single line of code, our AI ensures that your website is always compliant with WCAG 2.1 and ADA. Watch the 3-minute demo to fully understand how it works.
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Seamless Installation

accessiBe easily integrates  with your preferred shopping platform

accessiBe integrates seamlessly with all major shopping platforms and even with custom ones! Installation is as simple as a single line of code. Whatever platform you prefer, we support it.
Immediate website audit

Wondering if your website is compliant? test it now!

Type your domain below and in a matter of seconds, get a full compliance audit to learn exactly where you stand.
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Fully Customizable

Customized to seamlessly  blend in with your store’s design

accessiBe offers multiple customization options so you can easily make it look like a material part of your store.
Optimized performance

Your website’s speed  and performance  are unaffected

accessiBe is optimized to load asynchronously, in parallel with your website's content, and therefore has no effect on your store's loading times and performance.
Protecting your users' privacy

accessiBe is compliant with GDPR  & CCPA

accessiBe doesn't collect any personal data or affect data privacy, such as GDPR and CCPA. Your users' privacy is our top priority.

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