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Marcus Ohanesian - Review & testimonial

As far as accessibility goes, cause I'm sure that the rest of your stack is equally as important, but what made you specifically look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

Well, as we all know, we've seen a lot more ADA lawsuits popping up in the news, so they're becoming a lot more prevalent, and we need to provide our clients with some sort of, you

know, comprehensive solution.

So accessiBe kind of popped up as one of them. Being that ADA keeps getting more important, day in, day out, and a lot of clients may or may not be aware of that, so having accessiBe there as a tool and as a resource is beneficial for me; but also to provide that technical assistance and strategy to our clients.

Yeah, that's fantastic. I mean, could that kind of segues into my next question as well, which is why is it important for you to make your client's websites accessible?

Is it your, of course, what you've learned in your personal opinion as extreme importance of that?

Yeah, absolutely. So, we get hired to provide a service and a solution and take that further into a partnership. So we're a partner, we're technical partners, we'll call it that. That's kind of our seat at the table with our clients. So they come to us for anything technical.

It could be that they need website work, or they're having issues with their printer at their home. Like that's the gamut of technical services, but we like to be that trusted, valued partner to come in, and they say, Hey, we need our site to be ADA compliant.

accessiBe is our first thought that comes into play here. Yeah, because it's just super easy and

you guys have such a great resource in the rest of the accessiBe team to just, you know, rapid-fire, shoot some emails over to you to answer some questions or even intro you to the client, and you kind of take it from there.

But you’ve been a great resource, and accessiBe has been a great resource, and I think having you, as part of our tool belt, to provide to the clients is super helpful to keep providing that value to our client.

Thank you. Yeah, I know, that's great. That’s appreciated. All of us try hard around here, so we appreciate the kind words, man, honestly. And that also

Included a lot of the answer for my last question, which is, I'm sure that you looked at other alternatives,

I did reach out to you guys, but then I'm sure at that point, you needed to decide whether or not that we were going to be a good supplier for you or not.

Why did you choose to partner up with us at the time versus other alternatives? I should say, what would distinguish the two?

Yup. Two sorts of two parts of that. As I mentioned, you and the rest of the accessiBe team have been super accessible for a pun intended term and open to any questions that I had and feeding questions from our clients.

So you've been super easy going and kind of always available to answer questions. That's been helpful, especially for such an enigma of a topic of ADA, not a lot of people fully understand, including me that I'm always learning new things about it.

So just having that great rapport with you and the rest of the accessiBe team has been great. On the technical side, knowing that accessiBe is just super easy to set up, customize the colors, keep it on brand, basically, edit all the content that we need and then

implement it within 10 to 15 minutes. Getting that widget up on your site. Super easy.

To me, that was the deal-breaker, especially because ADA is sometimes so time-sensitive. We need to get something up on the site to show the lawyers that we're making an effort to do something about this potential lawsuit that may be happening in a hypothetical situation but very realistic.

So I appreciated that the ease of use and the simplicity of the product.

That's fantastic. Yeah, it's effortless working with you guys as well, and I don't even have to say that, you know, with any fluff.

So we hope that this is a continued strengthening, you know, our relationship, and anytime you need anything, you know where to find me, man.

I thank you very much for taking the time to do this with me today.

Yeah, absolutely.

Thank you.

Yeah, no problem.

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