Ensuring top performance

Inspect  your Website's accessWidget  Installation, Integration, and Accuracy!

accessWidget is an automated solution designed for scale. Therefore in the signup process, you get self-service guides and tutorials on testing your site and ensuring proper installation and performance. But we can do that for you if you prefer!
accessWidget Inspection Prices:
$250 per website template
Performance and Integration testing

Properinstallation  is key for accessWidget to work properly

accessWidget can be installed on any website, regardless of CMS. The installation is as simple as copying our installation code into the body tag. However, developers sometimes change our standard code for various reasons. Therefore, it is essential to verify that the installation works correctly.
Code & Interface verification

Ensuring topperformance  of your accessWidget installation

The inspection process includes reviewing the code that has changed on your site with accessWidget enabled, ensuring that the AI hasn't missed anything. The inspection makes sure you’re getting the most value from accessWidget.
Inspection project process

What do accessiBe's accessWidget
Inspection  projects look like?

  • 1Project initiation Request a formal accessWidget inspection directly from your account, and approve the quote we send to you.
  • 2Installation verification First our team will determine whether accessWidget is implemented correctly and that our auditing tools function properly.
  • 3Accessiblity verification Then, we'll inspect your website's UI & design accessibility using the accessibility interface, and the assistive technology, AI-Powered code changes that have been implemented.
  • 4Project delivery Once done, you'll get notified by email and the inspection report will be available for download from your project management dashboard!

Frequently asked questions

  • Why would I want an inspection service?

    An accessWidget inspection service would verify that your installation is successful and that the AI hasn't missed anything. You can perform the inspection yourself using our website onboarding guide if you prefer.

  • Do you guide us through the results?

    We provide hourly consulting services and would love to walk you through the results and help you implement changes if needed.

  • What should I do if the inspection came back with issues?

    In that case, please reach out to our support team to solve the issues or guide you on how to solve them on your end.

  • Would the inspection include user testing?

    No. User Testing is a separate service you can hire us for. If you wish to go deeper than an inspection, you may want to consider an expert audit.

  • Does an inspection test for compliance?

    An inspection is a great way to learn if the installation and the AI perform appropriately on your site. It does not guarantee or test for full compliance. This would be an expert audit.

  • How long does an inspection take?

    You can expect an accessWidget inspection of 5 templates to be ready within 2-3 weeks. Of course, the time varies depending on the number of templates to test.

  • Is remediation included with the inspection?

    No, the inspection is solely an assessment of your site’s functionality with accessWidget. Please speak to our experts about remediation services.

  • Can I perform an accessWidget inspection myself?

    Of course! In fact, accessWidget is built for that, and we provide step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to do this yourself when you sign your website up.

  • Would you require access to my source code for the inspection?

    We can inspect your website thoroughly without any special code access. We’d need the same standard global access your users receive.


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