accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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I already installed accessiBe, but I don't see the accessibility interface or the accessibility button on the site. what could be the problem?

If you have installed our accessibility system as explained in the installation guides and yet the interface or accessibility button, or both, are not appearing on the site, this guide will help you understand why and how to solve this problem. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us for help.

  1. The trial period has been expired and the site is not paid for - if you have not yet paid for the site, accessiBe will stop working after the trial period (7 days). In order for it to be back on, you must purchase a license through our website or through a sales representative.

  2. The code is not properly embedded - In order to easily check if our code is properly embedded in the site, please go to your site and press CONTROL + U. Then, in a new tab, you will see many signs, letters, and words, and they are your site's source code. To make sure that accessiBe is embedded properly, press CONTROL + F and search for the word accessiBe. If the word appears, the code is probably embedded and the problem lies somewhere else. If the word does not appear, then it's either our code has not been embedded at all, and then you have to embed it (with our help or with a programmer) or you have Cache and you need to follow section 3 or 4.

  3. Cache on the site - You may have a cache on the site (a collection of files that allows the site to load faster). If so, you will need to refresh it in order to see changes (any change, not just accessiBe). Cache cleaning varies between different systems, and even between different plugins, so you'll need to Google “how to clean the cache on {your system}”, and at the plugin, you're using. After deleting the cache, accessiBe will appear (if this really was the problem).

  4. Cache in the browser - You may have a cache in your browser (a file group that allows your browser to load sites faster). Cleaning up the cache from your browser is very similar to cleaning history. If you use Chrome, click the 3-points icon next to the address bar. Click on "Settings" and in the search field above, write the word cache. The last option in the list will be "Clear Browsing Data". Clicking this option opens a popup that asks you to confirm the cache deletion. After deleting the cache from the browser, and if that is the problem, the accessiBe system will appear.

  5. Script conflict
    - A script on your site may be interfering with accessiBe and not allowing it to load successfully. This case is very rare but possible. In order to find out if this is a script conflict, go to the site using Chrome browser and press the F12 key. You'll see a panel that at first glance may be a little intimidating, but don't worry, you almost don't have to deal with it. In the panel, click on the tab called "Console" and refresh the page. After the refresh, look in the same tab "Console" for the word accessiBe with a red underline in it. If it's there, the problem is indeed a script conflict. In this case, contact us for a solution.

If you've gone through all the steps described and the issue still exists, contact us and we'll resolve it together quickly.

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