accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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The accessiBe interface loads slowly and shows up after too much time

Proactively, accessiBe is designed to load only after your entire site has been fully loaded and displayed by the browser. This is done in order to achieve two main important goals:

  1. make the whole site accessible, and not just parts of it.
  2. would not affect or harm the site's loading times or its performance.

Which means that the last thing that loads on your site, on every page, is the AccessiBe interface. Directly, this means that the loading times of AccessiBe interface depends directly on the loading time of your site. For the system itself, it takes 0.2 seconds to load, so if your site takes 2 seconds to load, AccessiBe will load after 2.2 seconds, and if it takes 10 seconds to load, AccessiBe will load after 10.2 seconds.

In order to check the full loading time of your site, we recommend using a site called Pingdom. Link to the test site:

If you still believe there is a problem or a loading problem in the AccessiBe system on your site, please contact us and we will check it out!

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