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Is there something accessiBe does not address? Are there technological limitations?

accessiBe handles all aspects of the accessibility legislation (AA level), and all subjects and guidelines called WCAG 2.0, on behalf of the World Wide Web Consortium, W3. However, accessiBe system has some technological limitations, all of which we are currently working on. Some will be resolved soon and some will be resolved later on when the technology will mature.

Here is a list of technological limitations in the accessiBe system:

  • accessiBe does not create subtitles for videos and does not make Word documents or PDF files on the site accessible. It only applies accessibility to the site itself.
  • accessiBe does not edit or modify the accessibility adjustments already performed on the site since it takes into account that if some accessibility actions were performed, there is a reason for that. For example: if you have created image descriptions (ALT), accessiBe will not override them. Therefore, if you have applied accessibility adjustments, and made mistakes, in some cases, the system will not correct your mistakes. Additionally, it is important to make sure it if you apply accessibility adjustments yourself or using an additional tool, it doesn't collide with ours and doesn't override ours.
  • accessiBe is a Machine Learning based technology. This means that in order to be accurate, it has to encounter a component many times in several many different websites. The more it encounters a component, the better it can make it accessible. For example, accessiBe will almost certainly fix your menus, dropdowns, popups, forms, buttons, lists, galleries, and more, as those components exist in almost any website. But, If your website contains very specific components like a specific quiz, test, ticketing feature or a game, that probably doesn't exist in almost any other website that is using accessiBe, it might not be able to make it accessible and you'll need to make it accessible manually.
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