accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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How do I get my partner commissions?

Hey partner, not sure how to fill out your payment details? Let us walk you through it!

  1. Go to the top right corner of our website and press the “Login” button
  2. Proceed to fill out your account details (email and password)
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a row of four tabs along the top (account, my website, installations, partner)
  4. Click on the “partner” tab
  5. In the “Partner” tab, you’ll find another row of tabs along the top: Dashboard, Affiliation, Payment
  6. Click on the “Payment” tab
  7. Once you’ve clicked on the tab,  please proceed to fill out the payment details that are asked of you (either PayPal or bank details).

Once we have all the information we need to pay your commissions, you are ready to start referring clients!

Please note: You'll receive a monthly email summarizing the commissions we owe you, so don't worry about forgetting. When you wish to release your commissions, make sure you proceed to click on the “Release Commissions” button at your partner dashboard so we can start the payment process. Don't worry if you don't see such a button right now, It's because you still haven't brought in customers to get commissions for :)

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