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[For affiliate partnerships only] How do I use my affiliate link to refer customers?

You can use your affiliate link to easily refer customers to accessiBe and receive commissions. Here’s how in 4 easy steps:

1. Log in to the accessiBe affiliate account on (If you haven’t signed up to create an account yet, click on ‘Affiliate Sign Up’ and fill in the form. Once it’s submitted, we will review it. You will be notified upon approval.)

Screenshot of instruction

2. Click on ‘All Offers’ on the left-hand side navigation bar and then click on ‘20% Revenue Share Recurring Rev’

Screenshot of instruction

3. At this point you may have to click to ‘Approve Terms & Conditions’.

Next, grab your link from the box labeled ‘Your Tracking Link’. Your link should look like this: [Offer_id = your chosen offer + aff_id = your affiliate id in the system]. At this point, you can add different types of parameters to the URL in case you want to have advanced tracking capabilities.

Screenshot of instruction

4. Copy the unique link and use it where you see fit (Image, text, etc).

It is possible to change your default affiliate link later if you wish. You can also use a URL shortener service (like BITLY) as well as an image pixel to track impressions and not only clicks.

The link will track any visitor that arrives at our site. Once they sign up, our systems will automatically attribute them to your affiliate account. Please note that our system works in real-time so you should see clicks and leads immediately.