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How does the Affiliate Program work?

Our affiliate program allows anyone to promote accessiBe, if you own assets such as a website, a plugin, a social group on Facebook or Instagram, or any other relevant asset that can send users or traffic to accessiBe. If this sounds like you, we would love to work with you!

We use a real-time attribution system which allows any affiliate to track conversions. You will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you with onboarding, tracking, payment, and more. You will also be given an access to a full marketing tools suite where you can find all relevant creative materials you need to promote accessiBe.

Our commission model is based on a revenue share deal in which we compensate each conversion. A simple and mutually beneficial rev-share model that pays a commission for every referral you bring. The more potential customers you refer, the more money you make.

We’d love for you to be part of this opportunity. Sign up to the program today and start earning well while doing good!