accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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So let's get to the point, how does accessiBe work?

It is difficult to put a system written from tens of thousands of lines of code into a few paragraphs, but we’ll do our best:

The AccessiBe platform was developed in order to be a real, effective and stable solution for people with disabilities, as well as a full solution for business owners to comply with accessibility legislation. For this purpose, we have invested over 13 months of research and development in close cooperation with disabled people from the "Palace" Protected Accommodation Center. We developed a smart accessibility system that uses two artificial intelligence technologies to learn the site in which it operates and perform various operations and modifications so that people with disabilities can personally customize their website fully and automatically.

The bottom line is, we developed a great system. Not just great, the best in the market. Far better from all the rest. We invested and worked day and night for months, in order to create a technology that is one of a kind. And we succeeded. We have developed a system that allows anyone with disabilities to surf the Internet freely. And that's amazing!

The technology in the AccessiBe platform is divided into technology that existed in the past and has been adapted to be an accessible technology, and to technology that we developed from scratch. Our technology is a machine learning artificial intelligence, which we call "Contextual Understanding", and it was developed to enable the existence of a system that learns and understands the environment in which it is installed. It understands the hierarchy of the website, links, titles, images, and forms, and knows how to rearrange or adapt them to the accessibility regulations, and WCAG 2.0 guidelines, brought by W3 (World Wide Web Consortium), taking full account of the context of the elements themselves and the other elements of the site. Thus, the system manages to be a completely automatic solution, which works like magic. As a result of our huge technological breakthroughs, we even commit to making your sites accessible as defined by accessibility legislation.

The system allows users to personally customize navigation and orientation (screen reading software, image descriptions, forms, keyboard navigation, virtual typing, etc.), text display (titles, paragraphs, links, etc.) and adjusting the display itself (size, color, contrast, animations, etc.). Additionally, the system runs at 8 (!) Different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Italian, and allows the surfers to "arrange" it in a way that suits them (right or left, small or large view), and even allows the site owner full control over adapting the design of the system, for the template and the site’s design.

The system does all this, without harming even a bit of the site's design, the site's performance, loading times or functions of the site. The system runs over the code on the side of the browser (client) and makes personal adjustments for each surfer, after he performed adjustment actions, in the form of activating various functions in the interface. This code is stored in the user’s browser "Cookies" and does not affect other users at all.

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