accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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What is the difference between you and your competitors and why should I choose you?

That's a great question!

In the web accessibility market, there are three different types of solutions, and the AccessiBe system stands as a category of solutions in itself. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the various accessibility options, as well as a simple visual comparison table that will help you easily see the difference between those possible solutions.

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AI Solution
Options checkmarkThe only automatic solution circleAudioEye, User1st & more circleUserWay, WP Access & more
Compliance checkmarkWCAG 2.1, ADA, s508 & more circleDepends on project scope circleDo not comply with legislation
Pricing checkmarkPrice start at $490/year circle$5,000 - $50,000/year circleFree to low cost subscriptions
Turnaround checkmarkUp to 48 hours from installation circleProjects take 3-26 weeks circleNo full turnaround
Success Rate checkmarkIndustry highest success rate circleDrops to 50% within 6 months circle5% - 15% of the requirements
Maintenance checkmarkRe-scanning every 24 hours circleRequire additional services circleNo maintenance included

1. Plugins and add-on (free or not)

Solutions of this kind usually come for free or at a very low payment (a few dollars or tens of dollars) and provide approximately 20% compatibility with accessibility standards. These solutions do not meet the standard, nor do they help disabled people surf your website, and they also expose the owners to immediate lawsuits. Those plugins do not even perform (and do not even claim to perform) 80% of the adjustments required by the standard, so using this kind of plugin does not provide protection from the law and does not even give you 60 days to repair malfunctions.

Additionally, try to imagine a situation where you have a disability that prevents you from surfing the Internet, and you visit a website that has such a plugin installed. At first glance, you will be happy, as you will think that the site is indeed accessible and you can surf it and enjoy it. But once you get into the thick of it and try to surf, you will discover the magnitude of the disappointment. It's like reaching out your hand to a blind person, and when he tries to grab it, pull back. Not nice.

2. Manual accessibility services

When you perform a manual accessibility project, it is likely that your site will be accessible to the AA level and according to the standard, once the project is completed. The main problem with this approach is that in sites that have been made accessible manually, you can see a drastic deterioration in the level of accessibility within no more than three months from the time of making it, with the vast majority being completely un-accessible in about 6-12 months.

The reason for this is that the code that has been made accessible when the project was done, is the one made accessible, and every update, addition or change in the site, which comes after the initial accessibility project, is simply not going through the same process, so it is not accessible.

It is important to understand that the more changes are added to the site, in time, the level of accessibility will decrease (because many new things have not been made accessible), to the point where the site accessibility is completely broken. The collapse of the site's accessibility in such projects usually takes place within six months to a year, and it can be easily recognized in almost every site that has been made accessible manually, and even on sites that have paid tens of thousands of dollars for this accessibility (the price of such a project starts at 1000 dollars and might reach tens of thousands of dollars).

There is indeed one way to deal with this problem, but it requires a high and fixed monthly fee for an accessibility company, which will review the changes every month and will make the site accessible accordingly, all the time. Very expensive, even if you are a very large and wealthy company.

3. The AccessiBe system

AccessiBe is the first and only system in the world that knows how to make websites accessible to the AA level, in accordance with the accessibility legislation and with WCAG 2.0 standards, and does so using two machine learning AI’s (artificial intelligence).

The first artificial intelligence is called "contextual understanding" and it can scan and decode the site it is installed on, understand the structure of links, titles, menus, elements, forms, and more, and make them accessible automatically, according to what it finds. The second artificial intelligence is a technological solution in collaboration with Google and Clarifai, and it knows how to scan and decode images and the elements in them, and provide accurate descriptions of all the images on the site that lack a description, so that blind people can also enjoy them while using screen reading software.

AccessiBe does not depend on any person to decode and understand the structure of the site and make it accessible, it rather does so with an AI (machine learning artificial intelligence). Therefore, it can scan the site, detect changes and updates, and make them accessible, in an entirely automatic way, every 48 hours. This means there is no dependency between updating the site and it's level of accessibility, and you can make as many changes and updates as you want.

Additionally, as time passes, the system learns and decodes the site to the depths of it, and improves the level of accessibility automatically, at any given moment. Unlike the accessibility services, which, as time passes, their accessibility level only continues to drop drastically.

As you can see very clearly, AccessiBe has a number of key advantages over other accessibility solutions in the market, which together lead to the fact that there is no other relevant solution today except AccessiBe:

  • The AccessiBe system meets the accessibility legislation and WCAG 2.0 standard, at the AA level.
  • Our price is the most profitable in the market, with a huge gap from the various service providers.
  • Our system maintains the site accessible over time, all the time, unlike other solutions. This is done by using 2 artificial intelligence programs, which are our exclusive technological patent.
  • Our system allows full compatibility to the site's design, from colors, shapes, sizes, locations, and more.

These are just the business benefits of AccessiBe!

We have not even started talking about social benefits! AccessiBe actively brings the message of accessibility to every website. Due to the affordable price, there are no more barriers, and there are no more excuses. Until today, making a site accessible would cost thousands of dollars and leave a hole in your pocket. From now on, making a site accessible is not only achievable but worthwhile business and social wise. Before AccessiBe, the chances that the Internet would have become an accessible place didn’t exist. With AccessiBe, the chances are almost certain!

Want more details? Let’s talk!

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