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Sarra Herring Customer Testimonial

How did you learn about web accessibility? Not our company, personally, but like web accessibility?

I learned about it because of a growing number of demand letters, unfortunately. And we became familiar with what that might look like on our end.

So we wanted to make sure to get on top of everything before that could potentially happen. So I started doing some research from there.

Okay, amazing. Why is web accessibility important for your business?

Oh, it's important because our business or our organizations and nonprofits want to reach any and everybody. We don’t discriminate against any single person. We want to make our resources and everything that we have on our site available to everyone.

Whether that be in another language, all around the globe, or somebody with a disability such as being blind or unable to read, so, yes, cause we want to reach wherever we can.

Great. Thank you. The last question would be, why did you choose to join accessiBe?

Well, we chose accessiBe for a few different reasons.

Well, I will say we had a great experience with our customer service. You guys are so fast and so efficient and so generous; I mean the number of times we had to extend our trial because of some testing on our end; I mean, we're very grateful for once, so that was part

of the reason why. The other reason is that we needed something that could

be merely usable by anybody. And when we were testing the app, I mean, we're all still learning about accessibility on our end from our end.

And it was very straight forward for us. And so we're like, well, this is straightforward for us, and it's meeting the guidelines, after doing some research, then this seems like a tool that’s easily implemented on mobile because many people are on mobile.

Yeah, it was very straightforward, and it's clean, it's easy. You can put it in the corner if you

want it down in the corner of your site, just to cover all the bases. And really, you guys worked with us well in that you were willing to work with our development teams directly and get the

cops set up with our site and our CRM and all of the things.

So we appreciate that. That’s why.

Thank you so much. Thank you. It goes straight to my heart.

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