accessiBe Founders blindfold and lecture to 600 Employees of Digital Ocean at Florida

accessiBe News

accessiBe has been invited to lecture to over 600 Digital Ocean employees on web accessibility. We took the opportunity to blindfold all of them!

accessiBe Team

In October 2019, accessiBe’s three co-founders traveled to Orlando, Florida, at the invitation of cloud computing vendor Digital Ocean. Shir Ekerling, Gal Vizel, and Dekel Skoop were delighted to have the opportunity to attend Digital Ocean’s Shark Week and share the benefits and features of accessiBe’s platform.

The Blind User Experience

As part of their visit, Ekerling gave an exciting 30-minute lecture to over 600 employees, partners, and chosen clients of Digital Ocean. Ekerling distributed eye masks to blindfold every person there so that they could experience for themselves the frustrations and disappointments that a blind user feels when they visit a site without accessiBe.

After they discovered the magnitude of the problem facing internet users with disabilities, Ekerling introduced them to a website that does implement accessiBe, so that they could feel first-hand the enormous difference that accessiBe makes for people with disabilities.

The invitation was handed to accessiBe after Yancey Spruill, CEO of Digital Ocean, visited accessiBe’s offices in Israel during a recent trip to the country. He was impressed by accessiBe’s technology and vision and recognized the importance of Its role in opening up the internet to users with disabilities.

Shark Week is Digital Ocean’s annual week-long retreat for corporate bonding, education, and team building. This year, it took place between Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Quote from Shir Ekerling, CEO of accessiBe:

“We sincerely thank all of Digital Ocean's amazing board members for the opportunity to come and reveal our story and vision to amazing tech professionals. More than that, we want to point out the importance of the collaboration between the companies and the realization of our vision - making the internet accessible by 2025.”