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For the first time ever, an accessible Internet is a top priority. Not as an added service, not as a means to an end, not for checking a legal box. It's our one-and-only goal.
Achieving a win-win

We are here to make the
internet accessible

Our vision is to make the entire internet accessible by 2025 so that everyone, with and without disabilities, can enjoy what it has to offer. The current state of people with disabilities and small businesses fighting in courts makes everybody lose. We are here to make everybody win.

  • Employees 75+ Employees
  • Partners 4,953 Partners
  • Websites 112,757 Websites
  • Daily Loads 169,276,146 Daily Loads
  • Year Founded 2018 Year Founded
Forward is the only direction

AI is the key to scalable and
affordable website remediation

Here's the accessibility dilemma: small businesses, who make up 99% of the market, knock on our door with a lawsuit worth $30K in compensations on one hand and a $20K quote for an accessibility project on the other. The source of these litigations is that people with disabilities simply want to be included in the modern, digital era. So they turn to legislation as a last resort.

Who's to blame? The business owner who's caught off guard or the individual who is asking for basic civil rights? The web isn't accessible by default and many aren't aware of this. The longer we wait to fix it, the longer both sides lose.

By replacing manual, line-by-line remediation with AI and automation, we can make thousands of websites accessible in the amount of time it used to make just one - and at a fraction of the cost. Our AI is taught to go beyond basic requirements and create an exceptional digital experience for people with disabilities.

Luckily, the rise of AI has enabled us at accessiBe to solve web accessibility using a product, rather than a service, allowing us to make compliance in-reach for every business, driving a real accessibility revolution, and achieving a WIN for all sides.

More About Our AI
  • 219,227,408 Data Blocks
  • 250,000+ Lines of Code
  • 1,000,000+ Daily Processes
Leading the revolution

Meet our leadership

Strong leadership is one that truly and deeply cares about the problem at hand and the people its solving it for

  • Shir Ekerling Chief Executive Officer
  • Dekel Skoop Chief Operations Officer
  • Gal Vizel Chief Revenue Officer
  • Michael Hingson Chief Vision Officer
  • Roy Geffen Chief Marketing Officer
  • Niv Penso Chief Technology Officer
  • Gal Bareket Chief Services Officer
  • Meirav Vardy General Counsel
  • Haim Azulay VP Product Design
  • Liron Zentner VP Finance
  • Gil Magen Head of Marcom
  • Yan Yanko Head of Demand Gen
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