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accessCulture  - Tune Into An Inclusive Mindset

A hub of resources that instill an inclusive culture for businesses, communities, and individuals through enlightening content and media surrounding the disability community.
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Gain a new perspective by learning  about people  with disabilities

accessCulture improves access to information, fosters an atmosphere of awareness, promotes inclusive conversations, spotlights disability-focused initiatives, and gives people with disabilities a voice.

video series on accessibility

SpotlightSessions : Conversations with Disability change-makers

Every episode of Spotlight Sessions hosts individuals who are making a significant impact in the disability community and improving lives. Spotlighting the voices and stories of disability-focused organizations helps recognize and empower their communities.

Podcast on accessibility

UnstoppableMindset:  Where inclusion, diversity, and the unexpected meet!

Michael Hingson, accessiBe’s Chief Vision Officer, 9/11 Survivor, and a blind man from birth, hosts a podcast with inspirational people who share their personal journeys on how they make an impact in the disability community.

Webinars on accessibility

Watch accessibility leaders discuss reasons  and solutions  for the web accessibility gap

These educational webinars raise awareness for the leading causes of the web accessibility gap and for what we can all do to proactively support scalable solutions. See what accessibility advocates think about all matters related to web accessibility.

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Diversity , Inclusion , Disability , and Everything in Between

Educational and inspirational lectures by accessiBe’s Chief Vision Officer, Michael Hingson. Contact us to Learn from Michael Hingson, 9/11 Survivor, New York Times best-selling author, and a blind man from birth.


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