Native Accessibility is finally attainable

accessFlow  - Testing and Remediation
Platform for Achieving NativeAccessibility

The all-in-one platform to test, monitor, and remediate accessibility for websites and web applications. By using accessFlow, web projects can not only easily achieve Native Accessibility with full source code remediation, but also maintain it 24/7.

For coders, designers, and teams, by coders, designers, and teams.

accessFlow streamlines the testing, remediation, and monitoring process for all types of web professionals so you can quickly and seamlessly ensure your web projects are accessible right from the get-go.

  • Product managers & designers

    Issue grouping, categorization, and tracking & accessibility planning

  • Web accessibility professionals

    Accessibility monitoring, grading, and performance analytics

  • Web developers and coders

    Code insights, accessibility training, visualization, and unit testing

  • Engineering teams

    Project communication, development pipelines integration

Structured project so you can just work

Simple, structured, crystalclear  testing and remediation workflow

It is easy to get lost while trying to remediate a project. This usually is because there isn't a good, structured workflow for web accessibility. With accessFlow, you automatically get a list of tasks, organized by priority and grouped by type (menus, headings, tables, etc.), to just work on fixing accessibility.
Designed for teams

Full team collaboration  and communication

accessFlow features built-in task and project workflow management. Assign team members to different issues and track them from the dashboard with full team communication features like chat and comments, or integrate them into your project management tool.
Accessible Intentional Behavior

Test, remediate and monitor complete userflows

Web applications and sites are built on user flows. Completing a purchase in an online store is a flow that consists of several steps. Wiring money through a bank app is another flow that consists of several steps. Remediating user flows is very different.
More than a scan

AI Powered intelligent issue grouping  and categorization

One of the major differences between accessFlow and other platforms is that accessFlow uses the accessBrain AI to identify your menus, buttons, popups, dropdowns, form labels, carousels, and so many other elements. Thus, it provides you with a workable list.
As simple as it sounds

AI-powered codesuggestions  for quick and effective remediation

accessFlow shows you the affected source code for every issue. It not only explains and teaches you what to fix, and how and why, but it also gives you a suggested code sample. This is a remediated and accessible version of your source code so that you can just copy and paste it!
AI That Works For You

AI-powered alternativedescriptions  for images, icons, links, and buttons

For every image, icon, link, or button that lacks proper description, accessBrain AI provides you with an accurate suggestion of what you should incorporate. Cart, search, social, and other icons? included. Object and texts in images? Also included!
Never miss an issue

Automatic  accessibility monitoring  and alerting  schedules

Once your project grade reaches a satisfactory level, automatic accessibility monitoring will begin to ensure that this grade is maintained and doesn’t drop with updates made to the website, platform, browser, or assistive technology. If issues are found, you are immediately notified.
Know what you are doing

Built-in  web accessibility training  and tutorials

Other than just giving you the answer to what needs to change, accessFlow has a full training and tutorial system built in so that you can learn exactly what changes need to be made, why they’re necessary, and how they impact users with disabilities.
Track your success over time

Accessibility grading  and analysis  of performance analytics  over time

accessFlow provides a full grading and analytics system so that you always know exactly where your projects stand. This way, your actionable insights are backed and based on hard data collected over time.
It's simple if you explain it right

Web accessibility projectvisualization  - see how accessible your project is

Web accessibility is not difficult, it's just usually explained poorly. accessFlow lets you visually see the accessibility implementations on your website, and how they affect users, so you can easily understand what you are doing and why.
Fits your workflow

Seamless integration  with developmentpipelines , CI/CD, and unit testing

accessFlow is designed to simplify and streamline your team's workflow. Our API and SDK enable you to seamlessly integrate accessibility testing and monitoring to your CI pipelines and unit testing to always ship accessible code.

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