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Millions of Users CountOn
Us  to Make  the Internet
Accessible  to Them By 2025

Our vision is to make the entire internet fully accessible to people with disabilities by 2025. By using automation rather than labor, the notion of a fully accessible internet (hundreds of millions of active websites and over 1.5 Billion in total) is for the first time ever a practical, attainable reality and not just a distant dream.

Achieving worldwide inclusion

1) Automation  is the only way to practically  make the Internet accessible

Technological advancements have always lead to the biggest breakthroughs in every industry throughout history.

The qualities a solution musthave  to make the internet accessible

  • It must be user-oriented

    It must be developed alongside and supported by the actual end-users, with constant implementation of feedback. Nothing can replace the opinions and experiences of real users, making their advice and feedback paramount for success.

  • It must be affordable

    If it isn't affordable for businesses of all sizes, especially small-and-medium ones, it isn't scalable and therefore isn't relevant for the vast majority of businesses. This achieves little impact, leaving most of the market inaccessible.

  • It must achieve a win-win situation

    If businesses need to pay a fortune, then they won't bother with it, making everybody lose. A solution achieves a win-win by making websites accessible to end-users and making it possible for businesses to increase their customer base.

  • It must be scalable

    To achieve a huge impact, by reaching hundreds of millions of websites, it must be plug-and-play, immediate to deploy with minimal configuration, and simple to understand by nontechnical people.

  • It must achieve high accessibility standards

    It must be more than just a legal bandaid and truly make websites accessible, both according to standards (WCAG) and to real-life experiences that the end-users face when they're online.

  • It must comply with legislation

    Accessibility is fundamentally a civil right, making it essential for such a solution to adhere to and comply with worldwide legislation and to cover the legal aspects of web accessibility.

Others talk - we do

2) The impact  accessiBe has made on web accessibility is immeasurable

Others only talk about making a difference. In reality, most of what they do and say is mere ink on paper without any impact. We make an impact in practice, on a daily basis, for years.

  • We've raised the awareness of millions of businesses by investing millions of dollars to promote the entire industry in order to bring accessibility to peoples' attention.

  • We get daily 'Thank you' emails from end-users who are thrilled for the ability to browse, interact with, and purchase from websites they couldn't before.

  • Since the very beginning, we employ and involve dozens of users with different disabilities alongside all of our efforts in the development and testing of our solution.

  • We were able to help thousands of small businesses completely dismiss lawsuits that otherwise would have devastated their business and lives.

  • We regularly run collaborative awareness campaigns and initiatives with [leading disability-focused organizations.]]

  • We have provided our solution, completely free of charge, for thousands of non-profit and advocacy organizations around the world surrounding different issues

  • We've already made over 100,000 websites of small and medium businesses, that otherwise couldn't have achieved compliance, accessible to people with disabilities.

  • We've helped dozens of enterprises, after manual remediation projects failed to maintain their compliance despite regular and constant website updates.

The below video alone was watched by over 1,000,000 businesses that are now aware of importance of web accessibility!

quotes It is very, very critical that all people have an equal opportunity to access the internet Amy Pinder, Founder, Inclusion Festival
The problem

3) Traditional accessibility solution providers have failedtheinternet

For the last 10 years, we've relied on manual accessibility companies. And what do we have to show for it? Not even 1% of all websites are accessible. Here's why:
  • They charge absurd prices

    When you pay for manual accessibility, you're essentially paying for manual labor. This significantly increases prices because an accessibility expert is paid to go line by line, remediate, and then check their work. An initial audit itself can cost $3,000 for simple, 5-page websites and gets to tens of thousands of dollars for more complex and eCommerce websites.

    For businesses using services such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and more, which cost $20-$100 a month, this isn't a reality. Just the audit costs 10 times more than the website and the actual remediation process is an even larger sum. Companies using WordPress or other open-source CMSs can expect even larger sums because of system inconsistencies.

  • They are not scalable

    Manual services are as scalable as they sound. Every project needs to include at least one accessibility expert and one web developer to work together for about a month until the website is accessible. Considering there are hundreds of millions of active websites (approximately 350 million in the US alone), and over 1.5 Billion total websites, it is impossible for a manual service to be able to make the Internet accessible.

    There are other things to consider like manual audits and maintaining accessibility throughout all website updates. These services prolong accessibility projects and make it impossible to scale
    web accessibility.

  • They don’t understand businesses needs

    Since accessibility is a civil right, it is ingrained into government and legislation, and this is how it's been perceived for too long. Due to this, traditional accessibility providers are used to catering to government and federal agencies who have always needed compliant websites.

    Now that all websites must be accessible under ADA Title III, these traditional approaches aren't equipped to cater to online stores, small and medium businesses, or even large enterprises in many cases.

    For years they have been manoeuvering through rigid ecosystems to provide their services, and that's how they perform these days as well. Prolonged services, a long chain of bureaucracy, and separately priced solutions. Businesses are dynamic and websites need a solution provider that can keep up. Traditional solution providers simply don't understand their business needs.

  • They cannot keep up with the pace of updates

    Websites today update frequently. eCommerce websites often replace their entire product line several times a year, while others make constant updates to their design and functionality to increase conversion rates and to maximize their marketing and sales efforts.

    For manual accessibility, this presents a huge problem. Once an accessibility remediation project is finished, there is no one watching to make sure it sticks, unless you hire them for monitoring services that cost additional thousands of dollars every year.

    Therefore, accessibility is compromised with every new update that hasn't been manually tested and fixed by an expert. Within 6-12 months, most websites will need to undergo an entirely new accessibility project.

They have made web accessibility inaccessible for 99% of the businesses.
The solution

4) accessiBe turns  the lose-lose situation to a win-win

accessiBe solves web accessibility in a completely new and innovative approach. By using advanced technology and understanding modern businesses, accessiBe is replacing all counterproductive web accessibility solutions.
  • Affordable for any business

    There are many services that businesses consider when allocating resources. Web accessibility should be an obvious choice and the best way to ensure this is by making it affordable for everyone. accessiBe starts at $49 a month and every price plan includes all services, as well as ongoing maintenance.

  • We understand business needs

    We understand that businesses, especially small and medium ones, have so much on their plates. If a web accessibility solution isn’t simple and fast to integrate, they won’t even bother with it. We've optimized accessiBe to just a single line of code of installation for everything to just work automatically. Without dashboards, without configurations, without clutter, and without roadblocks - if you want to be accessible, you should have no obstacle.

  • AI is extremely scalable because it is automated

    You can count on AI to get the job done without making human mistakes, tiring out, or asking for a raise. We apply AI and automation to every website we make accessible for immediate and thorough results every single time. This way, we are able to remediate thousands of websites in the time it used to remediate just one.

  • AI doesn’t rest and keeps on updating every day

    We know that businesses constantly add and update content on their websites to keep up with sales and marketing efforts, engage with customers, and more. Our solution keeps on processing after the initial remediation to make sure every website update is being remediated and up to accessibility standards.

We have made more websites accessible in 2020 alone than all other providers have in 10 years, combined.

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