Making the Internet Accessible
and Inclusive  to Millions of Users

Together with disability community

Our vision is to make the internet an accessible and inclusive space. Hundreds of millions of websites are inaccessible and keep people with disabilities disconnected. It’s time to change that.

Advanced technology  is key for inclusion

Achieving worldwide inclusion

Technological advancements have always led to the biggest breakthroughs in every industry throughout history.

The qualities a solution musthave  to make the internet accessible

  • It must be user-oriented

    It must be developed alongside and supported by the actual end-users, with constant implementation of feedback. Nothing can replace the opinions and experiences of real users, making their advice and feedback paramount for success.
  • It must be affordable

    If it isn't affordable for businesses of all sizes, especially small-and-medium ones, it isn't scalable and therefore isn't relevant for the vast majority of businesses. This achieves little impact, leaving most of the market inaccessible.
  • It must achieve a win-win situation

    If businesses need to pay a fortune they won't do it, and everybody loses. A solution achieves a win-win by making websites accessible to end-users and making it possible for businesses to increase their customer base.
  • It must be scalable

    To achieve a huge impact, by reaching hundreds of millions of websites, it must be plug-and-play, immediate to deploy with minimal configuration, and simple to understand by nontechnical people.
  • It must be loved by users

    It must be more than just a legal bandaid and truly make websites accessible, both according to standards (WCAG) and to real-life experiences that the end-users face when they're online.
  • It must comply with legislation

    Accessibility is fundamentally a civil right, making it essential for such a solution to adhere to and comply with worldwide legislation and to cover the legal aspects of web accessibility.

Our dramaticimpact  on the web

We make a real impact

We've made hundreds of thousands of businesses engage in web accessibility and include millions of people with disabilities.

  • We've raised the awareness of millions of businesses by investing millions of dollars to promote the entire industry in order to bring accessibility to people's attention.
  • We love getting daily emails from users who are thrilled to browse, interact with, and purchase from websites they couldn't before.
  • Since the very beginning, we employ and involve dozens of users with different disabilities alongside all of our efforts in the development and testing of our solution.
  • We were able to help thousands of small businesses solve lawsuits that otherwise would have devastated their business and lives.
  • We regularly run collaborative awareness and education campaigns and initiatives with leading disability-focused organizations.
  • We have provided our solution, completely free of charge, for thousands of non-profit and advocacy organizations around the world surrounding different issues.
  • We've helped over 100,000 websites of small and medium businesses, that otherwise couldn't, open their websites to people with disabilities.
  • We've helped hundreds of thousands of businesses maintain their accessibility despite regular and constant website updates.

The video below was watched by over 1,000,000 businesses that are now aware of the importance of web accessibility!

Amy PinderFounder, Inclusion Festival
quotes It is very, very critical that all people have an equal opportunity to access the internet
Amy PinderFounder, Inclusion Festival

Turning a lose-lose  situation into a win-win

What is the solution?

We aim to solve web accessibility with modern and innovative approaches. By using advanced technologies, we streamline the process of becoming accessible.

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    Affordable for any business

    There are many services that businesses consider when allocating resources. Web accessibility should be an obvious choice, and the best way to ensure this is by making it affordable. accessiBe provides a wide array of affordable solutions to any business of any size so that everyone can participate in the global efforts to achieve online inclusion.

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    We understand business needs

    Small businesses have so much on their plates. If web accessibility isn’t simplified, they won’t be able to to it. We've optimized our solutions so they are as streamlined and as robust as possible for businesses of all sizes - if you want to be accessible, regardless of your size, you should have no obstacle.

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    AI is extremely scalable because it is automated

    AI is changing every single industry on the planet. We also incorporate AI technologies in any of our solutions, so we are able to streamline much of the heavy lifting and scale processes that could not be scaled and held the internet back from being accessible previously.

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    AI doesn’t rest and keeps on updating every day

    Businesses constantly add and update content on their websites to keep up with sales and marketing efforts, engage with customers, etc. One of the ways we incorporate AI in our solutions is to make sure that when websites update, those updates do not break accessibility that was implemented correctly before.

Want to see our impact for yourself?