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  • accessibe's Installation

    accessibe's Installation

    accessiBe's Installation is simple and fast, here you will find manuals for installation in all popular content management systems and more.

  • accessibe's Technology

    accessibe's Technology

    A collection of questions and answers regarding the advanced technology in an AccessiBe system, and the differences between it and other solutions.

  • Account Management

    Account Management

    How do I add a site to my account? How do I cancel email alerts? How do I edit my email address or password? All the answers are here.

  • Customization & Design

    Customization & Design

    How do I choose a color interface? And the button? How can I hide the button? How to select a size or location? All the answers are here.

  • Handling Problems and malfunctions

    Handling Problems and malfunctions

    Have you installed the accessible system but can not see it appearing on the site? Probably the reason and the solution here.

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