Making a Real Impact  Through Education  and Awareness

accessiBe is devoted to joining the disability community in educating the world about the importance of inclusivity and web accessibility. We are proud to share the impact that our ongoing efforts are making.
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As a leader in web accessibility, accessiBe is committed to raising awareness about the importance of an inclusive web. Everything we do is for and with people with disabilities. Only by being united and educated can we make an impact and close the web accessibility gap.

  • Awareness

    Opening the hearts and minds of millions of people through a primetime TV campaign focused on the importance of inclusion and digital accessibility

    #WeAreUnstoppable National TV campaign raises awareness by empowering people with disabilities

    The commercial aired on national TV, reaching tens of millions of Americans, opening the hearts and minds of the public to the importance of web accessibility. The campaign features various people with disabilities, such as blindness, deafness, motor impairments, and others, who don’t let anything hold them back as they pursue their dreams, professions, and everyday tasks. The campaign efforts include ongoing digital efforts and initiatives to showcase unstoppable people and our commitment to an accessible web for everyone.

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  • Awareness

    Raising awareness about web accessibility to more than 1 million viewers by giving a platform to accessibility advocates on global awareness day

    International Day of People With Disabilities Awareness and education video

    More than 1 million people viewed our video, which asked prominent accessibility advocates to explain why web accessibility is so important. The sole purpose of the video was to raise awareness amongst as many people as possible and break down the reality of why inaccessible websites impact everyone, not just people with disabilities.

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  • Community

    Unlocking the internet for millions of people with disabilities by building a non-profit; world’s first search engine for only accessible websites

    accessFind non profit initiative - A search engine that allows people with disabilities to utilize the full potential of the internet

    accessFind is a consumer-centric, nonprofit initiative that connects millions of users with disabilities to businesses, goods, services, and so much more. accessFind also opens more opportunities for businesses by enabling them to gain greater exposure to potential customers, people with disabilities, who comprise a vast market segment. accessFind was created alongside people with disabilities and collaborated with leading disability organizations such as Viscardi Center, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, Center for Independence, and many more.

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  • Community

    Ensuring that the disability community is a vital part of the future of every aspect of web accessibility

    Employing and involving people with disabilities in all our product testing and development

    Since day one, people with disabilities are working with accessiBe on our solutions and services through testing, development, deployment, and updates. Whether full-time employees or part of our focus groups, the voices of our end-users are part of our product decisions. In addition, we employ people with disabilities and end-users on all educational and awareness initiatives.

  • Education

    Educating the public about the importance of web accessibility and inclusion through social media influencers

    Influencer partnership with the leading agency for influencers with disabilities

    We partnered with Purple Goat Agency and their talented influencers representing various disability communities such as blindness, motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, and more. By creating high-quality, compelling content, our influencers can educate their followers about web accessibility and the importance of an inclusive web.

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  • Education

    Educating thousands of business owners about the value of inclusive commerce through dedicated, ongoing educational webinars

    Educational webinars about the web accessibility gap and the importance of creating inclusive online businesses

    We host educational webinars on an ongoing basis to educate broad audiences about the web accessibility gap. While more than a billion people globally have a disability, only 2% of websites are accessible. Our webinars are hosted by prominent accessibility figures and cover various topics such as value for businesses and agencies and different perspectives across accessibility communities.

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  • Awarness

    Positioning web accessibility among the most important topics to address in the high-tech industry in Europe’s largest tech convention

    Live Event - Speaking to a live audience at VivaTech

    VivaTech, Europe’s largest tech and startup event in Europe, hosted accessiBe’s CEO to speak about the gains and risks of a company becoming or not becoming accessible. The goal was to educate the tech community, the people who are building the tech of the future, about making sure that the future of the web, which is in their hands, is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

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  • Education

    Educating top-tier web design agencies about the importance of web accessibility and digital inclusion

    Live events - accessiBe’s community leaders hosted on vast reaching platforms like AdAge and others

    The purpose of these webinars is to raise awareness among agency owners and marketers about the importance of incorporating web accessibility into their and their client’s businesses. People with disabilities are a significant part of those panels, including a blind agency owner and a blind lawyer who are partners of accessiBe. They were able to provide a unique perspective on how agencies should approach web accessibility.

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  • Community

    Enhancing nonprofit organizations’ impact through ongoing support

    Providing accessiBe free of charge to disability-focused nonprofit organizations

    We believe that supporting nonprofits in helping the progress of their communities is a top priority, and therefore, accessiBe is dedicating many resources to nonprofits, most of them disability-focused. A dedicated team provides complementary support and services for nonprofit organizations to educate and assist their communities in advancing web accessibility.

  • Community

    Working in close partnership with leading nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about inclusivity and accessibility

    Empowering nonprofit organizations

    Working together with leading disability organizations, such as Viscardi Center, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, Orbis, Center for Independence, and many more to raise awareness for accessibility and educate about people with disabilities and the importance of inclusivity. We provide them with our solution at no cost and work side-by-side to increase their exposure so people will better understand different kinds of disabilities and how removing access barriers from the web affects their lives.

  • Education

    Changing misconceptions so that business owners will understand the values of accessibility and inclusion

    Educating business audiences that narrowing the web accessibility gap is now more attainable than ever

    We’ve published a collaborative article on Nasdaq that raises awareness to millions of readers about the importance of web accessibility for business owners and how they can leverage technology to prioritize becoming more inclusive and accessible even if they have vast or don’t have almost any resources.

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  • Education

    Educating millions of business owners about the benefits they can expect to see by making their online content and assets accessible

    Collaboration with the Wall Street Journal to educate business owners on the importance of web accessibility and inclusion

    Educating millions of Wall Street Journal readers about why business owners should care to make their websites accessible. It’s estimated that 20% of the US population has some sort of disability that makes the average website inaccessible for them. By taking advantage of artificial intelligence, business owners can make their websites accessible in a matter of hours. Technology is the only way to keep up with the widening accessibility gap.

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  • Education

    Educating tens-of-thousands of people and businesses how web accessibility solutions work for different disabilities

    Demonstrating the various needs of different disabilities through usability videos

    Since most websites aren’t accessible, people don’t know the real potential that web accessibility can have when it comes to navigating the web, browsing and purchasing products, reviewing content, and more. These videos demonstrate how assistive technology works in real-time on websites so that business owners can see the value that web accessibility adds for their customers with disabilities.

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  • Community

    Enabling more than 1.2 million people every month to access websites that were previously inaccessible to them

    Over one million monthly sessions are utilized by people with disabilities

    Every month, more than one million people with disabilities activate and utilize accessiBe on websites to learn, read, buy, hire, shop, and more. These adjustments help people with many different types of disabilities, including people with epilepsy, blindness, impaired vision, cognitive disabilities, and more. Since accessiBe allows for session-based accessibility personalization, more users can use websites in a way that best fits their needs.


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