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Audits: Add a web page to the audit

After the initial audit of your website, accessFlow continues to run audits depending on the plan you signed up for.

If you added a new web page after an audit was triggered, you can manually add the page to the queue for auditing.

To add a new web page

1. Go to Audits > Dashboard and select Add Page. Alternatively select the + in the side panel

Screenshot of Add a page

3. Enter the relative web path. For example, /solutions/ourproduct 

Screenshot of add page for auditing

4. Select Add Page.

The page will be audited in the next scheduled audit.

5. To audit the page immediately, in the side panel select the newly added page and then select Reaudit.

Note: The number of audits you can initiate is limited by your subscription plan.

Screenshot of reaudit page