Learn  Web Accessibility From A-Z:
Concepts to Testing  and Remediation

Accessibility Education For All

accessCampus is an online education platform for web professionals to learn all about web accessibility directly from people with disabilities. Everything from what is digital accessibility, its importance, and reasoning, to how to plan your web projects, test, remediate, and monitor them so they are accessible to all people.

What is assistive technology? How do screen-readers work? How to incorporate the WCAG? How to plan and design accessible digital products? Learn that and more!

accessCampus teaches  web accessibility in an easy  and user-friendly  way

With accessCampus, web accessibility is now easy to learn and incorporate. We streamline the complexity of the WCAG to help you understand the reasoning behind web accessibility and what users actually need.

  • Product managers & designers

    Learn how to plan and design accessible user flows, UX and UI

  • Web accessibility professionals

    Take your knowledge to the next level and learn from actual end-user

  • Web developers and coders

    Learn to code accessible digital products, front to back

  • Engineering teams

    Team education tracking, benchmark comparisons, and more

Learn  web accessibility from  the people  that need  web accessibility

Taught by people with disabilities

The goal of accessCampus is not just to deliver information. It is to help you truly understand the concepts, needs, and reasoning related to and behind web accessibility, from planning and coding tools to assistive technology.

With accessCampus, you'll not only learn from accessibility experts but also from people with disabilities, so you understand firsthand how to cater to them.

Learn to operateassistivetechnology  just like users with disabilities do

Learn from Experience

To truly understand how to cater to people with disabilities, we need to first understand how they use assistive tech to browse and operate computers, mobile phones, and other devices.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn to control and operate assistive technology, such as screen readers, just like users do on a daily basis.

Everything  you need to know about  the WCAG  - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Going Under the Hood

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a set of rules, behaviors, ideas, and code standards that are meant to help designers and developers build accessible web applications and websites.

With accessCampus, we've streamlined the entire WCAG learning process and simplified it into easy-to-digest lectures. Because when you understand what’s under the hood, understanding the WCAG becomes simple.

Learn  how to plan  and designaccessible  user flows, interfaces, and experiences

For product and design experts

When you incorporate accessible practices from the planning and design stage, the entire process of ensuring that your digital product is accessible becomes simple and streamlined.

With accessCampus, you'll learn how to incorporate accessibility from the very beginning, without adding complexity or extending the work hours of your projects.

Learn  how to writecode  that ensures your projects are always accessible  to everyone

Speaking Technically

Learn how to use clean, standard HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript alongside utilizing and incorporating ARIA practices to provide reach, accessible digital products.

At accessCampus, you'll learn and understand screen reader and assistive technology intricacies, common pitfalls, and how to easily avoid them by simply incorporating correct coding practices that support accessibility without adding any overhead to your workflow. It's more than possible!

Learn  how to test, audit , QA, monitor , and maintain  web accessibility  in your projects

Maintenance and monitoring made simple

Maintaining web accessibility in your projects is simple if you incorporate correct QA practices into your workflows. accessCampus provide you all the information, tools, and resources to do just that, in a way that doesn't overburden your work and team.