Web accessibility, WCAG and ADA Compliance  for WiX

WiX is one of the most popular website builders in the world and it’s home to more than 160 million websites.

WiX is known for the ease it provides when it comes to building a website. This also includes providing as much support and information possible to its users when it comes to accessibility, and WiX tries to provide templates and plugins that were developed with accessibility in mind.

See the accessiBe installation guide for WiX here

With that being said, there’s only so much that Wix can do to help you make your website accessible. In fact, in their accessibility statement, Wix tells users “the part of your site that neither us nor any plugin/add-on can make accessible is your content.” Seeing as how people use WiX in order to upload and showcase their own content, this is where it gets tricky.

Although Wix provides thorough and detailed guides on how to implement certain accessibility features within your content, it is still up to you to do it. Even Wix’s accessible templates become immediately inaccessible the second that you upload content that doesn’t comply with the WCAG. Because you can’t access the code, you’ll need to permanently adjust your content to accessibility standards for all your users, not just for people with disabilities, which could have an effect on how you present your content.

You’ll need to do your own research when it comes to figuring out which apps work best with the content that you want to add. In the end, the foundations are there, which is important to note, but making your Wix website accessible will take time and effort.

There are a few third-party vendors that will make your Wix website accessible for you. But whether you do it yourself and choose to outsource, manual accessibility remediation is a process that can take months to complete. More importantly, it’s not cheap. For the majority of WiX users who come for the attractive prices, spending thousands of dollars on remediation is not an option.

The importance of an accessible Wix website

Wix is used by millions of people who mean business. It’s a platform that gets your service, products, or ideas out there - and it does a great job. But if your website is inaccessible, you’re missing out on sharing your work with 20% of the population with disabilities. This affects your market expansion, reputation, and revenue potential. As the Internet becomes more essential, people with disabilities are online with everyone else. If they can’t access your website, they’ll most likely never come back. 

It is important to note that websites that fail to comply with the WCAG 2.1 AA are at risk of litigation. Since the recent DOJ affirmation that websites are considered places of public accommodations, web accessibility lawsuits have increased by 300% for failure to comply with the ADA Title III. Ecommerce websites have been the main target because of the rise of digitalization, with SMBs at the center of the storm.

Using accessiBe with Wix

with accessiBe, you don’t have to choose between beauty and accessibility. accessiBe’s AI-driven, automated solution makes existing websites ADA compliant by remediating the website’s code according to the WCAG 2.1 AA. accessiBe’s solution is session-based, meaning only those with disabilities will see adjusted design elements, leaving your design completely intact.

The automated nature of accessiBe allows for a drastic cost reduction, making it affordable even for small businesses. accessiBe is session-based meaning that all accessibility adjustments will only be visible to people who need them, and not permanent, letting you stay true to your content.