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accessiBe is proud to offer supplementary services that complement web accessibility, enabling businesses of all sizes to work toward a higher level of digital accessibility. Find out more about accessServices and what our team of experts can do for you.

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While accessWidget and our other products leverage AI and Machine Learning to make your websites accessible, some projects require a human touch. For this reason, accessiBe is proud to offer supplementary services that complement web accessibility, enabling you to work toward a higher level of digital accessibility. 

Taking this next step in your accessibility journey with the industry’s top experts, includes the remediation of files and media, the implementation of audits and user testing, and the opportunity to retrieve a VPAT in accordance with the legal requirements. 

This article will cover all the information you need to know about accessServices.

accessServices Overview

Ready to catalyze business growth while jumpstarting your accessibility strategy? We accomplish both with our team of accessibility experts. For each service provided, we offer reliable deadlines, a free custom quote based on competitive pricing, and personalized support that ensures that every aspect of your accessibility project is addressed and completed effectively.

What services do we offer? 

File Accessibility: Standard PDFs, PowerPoints, and Excel files are usually not accessible. This means that people with disabilities using assistive technologies, like screen readers, cannot correctly read them and comprehend the content provided. We remediate each type of file so that your website’s digital content can be consumed by all. 

Media Accessibility: We provide Media Accessibility services for all videos and audio assets. Our team of experts can remediate commercials, ads, tutorials, podcasts, and social media content using Closed/Open Captions, Descriptive Transcriptions, and Audio Descriptions. 

With our file and media accessibility services, we work to improve SEO and create a better user experience for all website visitors, regardless of ability.

VPAT: The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is an integral part of Section 508 compliance. The VPAT discloses the current accessibility level of a website and is used for creating an ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report). This way, your business, and those who you create partnerships with, know exactly where your website stands from an accessibility viewpoint. 

Who needs a VPAT? Government agencies and government-funded organizations must be Section 508 compliant and it’s required that their websites disclose accessibility levels. You will need a VPAT if your organization meets the following criteria: 

  • Your organization is a government agency.
  • Your organization receives government funding.
  • Your organization is contracted by a government agency.
  • You’re marketing a product to government agencies.

Expert Audits: Audits perform a comprehensive analysis of your website’s source code that detects accessibility gaps and suggests code fixes. How does it work? Our expert team evaluates and examines the accessibility level of your website's UI, design, source code, and usability and provides a report that is focused on three key areas of the WCAG 2.1 at the AA level. Those areas include: 

  • Screen reader and assistive technology compatibility
  • Keyboard-only navigation, operation, and orientation
  • UI, design, and content implementations

accessWidget Inspection: Our accessWidget inspection verifies the implementation of our AI-powered solution and identifies any additional digital accessibility needs or improvements to be made. The inspection is cost-effective and ensures peace of mind for you and your business regarding the operability of accessWidget, regardless of the CMS it was installed on.

User Testing: Our user testing service identifies usability issues, validates design decisions, and ensures the best UX for everyone by leveraging the real-time feedback of people with various disabilities. The service is focused on evaluating the user experience from the perspective and use of "day-to-day" assistive technology. All User Tests come with a comprehensive report and an in-depth video that describes the test and retrieved insights throughout the process. 

How can I get a free custom quote? 

Talk to one of our accessServices Experts and ask them anything! You can book a meeting here or get a quote here.