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accessiBe is a game-changer in web accessibility, simplifying and streamlining the process to becoming accessible and compliant using machine learning and computer vision technologies.
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Everything you need to know

Here’s how accessiBe  works

accessiBe utilizes two applications that together achieve compliance. The accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered background process handles the more complex requirements - optimization for screen-readers and for keyboard navigation.

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Foreground Application

The Accessibility Interface

accessiBe's interface is a session-based design and UI adjustment tool that makes accessibility modifications based on a user's individual needs. All adjustments are compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA & AAA requirements.

  • Content Adjustments
  • Color & Display Adjustments
  • Navigation Adjustments
Interface Page
Background Application

AI -Powered Processes

accessiBe's AI machine learning technology uses contextual understanding and computer vision to address the complex, back-end requirements needed for screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments.

  • Screen-Reader Adjustments
  • Keyboard Navigation Adjustments
  • 24/7 Maintenance
AI Page
AI-Powered web accessiblity

The simple  process of
becoming compliant with us

  • checkmarkWCAG 2.1
  • checkmarkADA Title III
  • checkmarkSection 508
  • checkmarkEAA/EN 301549
  • 1

    Paste our JavaScript installation code into your website

  • 2

    The accessibility widget instantly appears on your website

  • 3

    accessiBe’s AI starts scanning and analyzing your website

  • 4

    In up to 48 hours, your website is accessible and compliant

  • 5

    Every 24 hours, the AI scans for new and revised content to fix

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Disabilities that accessiBe  covers

accessiBe enables website owners to serve users with a wide array of disabilities all in adherence to the WCAG 2.1 and worldwide legislation

Web accessibility for blind users

Screen-reader  optimization for blind users

Blind users use screen readers to read out loud what is on the screen but most websites lack alternative text for images, and ARIA attributes for context and behavior-related adjustments that screen-readers rely on.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes I've heard about you guys in the past, I've used some of your websites, there are competitors out there. The websites I've checked out that your platform works on are accessible to me. Frankly, that is the first thing that came up when I searched for a partner. I saw no flaws and I thought I'd reach out. Dr. Hoby Wedler

accessiBe uses machine learning to scan, analyze, and interpret every element on the page the same way sighted users do. Then, it uses ARIA attributes and various behavior adjustments to provide full context to screen readers. This allows blind users to navigate and browse through sites accurately.

Dropdown menus, forms, pop-ups, icons, and buttons are all included in the process. Additionally, it uses computer vision to provide accurate descriptions for images.

Web accessibility for the motor impaired

Keyboard-navigation  optimization for the motor impaired

When it comes to websites, physical and motor impairments are defined by the inability to use a mouse. Luckily, a keyboard can do everything a mouse can do and more.

Unfortunately, most websites are not optimized for keyboard navigation, leaving people with motor impairments excluded from certain website elements.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes I have been searching for a website accessibility solution to eliminate legal risks and, most importantly, to make your website truly accessible. After testing accessiBe myself, I knew I found the answer. Nathan Yates

accessiBe makes websites completely navigable by keyboard. This is accomplished with our contextual understanding AI engine that makes the necessary adjustments throughout the website's code. People with motor impairments can use the keys to do everything from closing popups and forms to opening drop downs and menus.

Web accessibility for cognitive disorders

Comprehensionadjustments  for people with cognitive disorders

People with cognitive impairments have certain limitations in mental functionalities that can affect the way in which website content is perceived and understood. For example, slang and abbreviations can be very confusing for people with cognitive disabilities.

Without the proper context or orientation adjustments, the context may be misunderstood and lead to incorrect actions.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes In terms of being autistic, there are 5 key features with accessiBe that really help me. The first one is highlight titles, the second highlight links, the third is text magnifier, the fourth is hide images, and the fifth highlight focus. Callum Gamble

In order for people with cognitive disabilities to gain proper context of a website’s content and elements, accessiBe’s accessibility interface includes a built-in dictionary for quick definitions and references.

For orientation and focus-related needs, the interface allows users to activate adjustments that highlight important links and elements. In addition, the ‘Cognitive Disabilities’ Profile can be chosen to activate all of these adjustments simultaneously.

Seizure-safe adjustments for epileptic users

Stopping  flashing animations  to prevent epileptic seizures

The Internet is filled with blinking and flashing animations and GIFs that are dangerous for people with photo-sensitive epilepsy. Many of these users will avoid pages and content for fear of triggering a seizure.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes It’s really exciting to see the scope of what accessiBe offers, both from the perspective of someone with additional needs and as an advocate for disability. Knowing that the internet is safer for Epileptics like myself is a great feeling and I can’t wait to see how accessibility technology develops in the future. Susanna Fantoni

Within the accessibility interface, epileptic users can easily find a 'Seizure Safe' profile which will simultaneously freeze any and all flashing GIFs, animations, videos, or patterns that could trigger people with photo-sensitive epilepsy. Individual adjustments exist as well for singular modifications.

Black Friday and other promotional flashing banners are designed to grab our attention towards a sale or some piece of news. For epileptics, this is a health risk.

Web accessibility to the vision impaired

UI  and design  adjustments for the vision impaired

Websites come in many shades, colors, and sizes. For people with visual impairments, the wrong color combination or font size/shape can make it hard for them to see your website’s content. Common visual impairments include blurred vision, color blindness, and glaucoma.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes This really helps me because not being able to press a button because the size of the icon isn’t large enough is probably the most frustrating thing ever. Becca Lefanowicz

With accessiBe’s accessibility interface, users can adjust the design and UI of the site according to their specific needs. Adjustments include content adjustments such as scaling, sizing and spacing of text, color adjustments such as saturation and contrast, and orientation adjustments such as enlarged cursor and emphasized titles.

Users can change the scaling, sizing, and spacing of texts without losing content or usability, alter fonts and even change contrast and color combinations. Moreover, they can also enlarge the cursor, emphasizes titles and links, add mouse framing to elements, and much more.

Web accessibility for the hearing impaired

Closed captions for the hearing impaired

Website owners and marketers often prefer to deliver visuals in the form of video. While this is a great form of engagement, hearing-impaired users aren't able to understand what the video is about unless it incorporates closed captions.

How accessiBe overcomes the challenge
quotes As a deaf person, I find every day to be a struggle to understand what is going on besides me. I welcome very much a simple and straightforward solution that can help our community understand web content better. Nathaniel Becks

accessiBe has a dedicated team who is an expert in providing not only closed captions for videos but also sign language interpreters. Captioning projects are provided on-demand and per video, and usually take a few days to turnaround.

Real-world impact

Developed side-by-side  with people with disabilities

accessiBe's first stable version took 18 months of daily development in collaboration with people with disabilities. That process still continues today. Blind people, motor and vision-impaired people, epileptics, and others are all a vital part of our research & development.
quotes Developing accessiBe side-by-side with the people who are using it on a daily basis is the secret sauce to our success. Shir Ekerling, accessiBe CEO
Our Vision
Supporting you all the way

Mitigate legal risk with our litigationsupport  package

Our Litigation Support Package is provided to our customers, at no extra cost, in the case that their website's compliance is challenged. Along with our personal attention, the package includes professional audits, reports, accessibility mapping, compliance supporting documentation, guidance, and more.
quotes A client of ours got sued, despite good efforts. I found accessiBe almost immediately and signed them up to get them protected. Nicholas Woodward, Owner at YST Inc
Customer Testimonials
How does the competition compare?

accessiBe  VS the Competition

accessiBe is a game-changer in web accessibility because it is a solution that aligns with the needs of modern businesses. By using innovative, robust technology and automation, accessiBe significantly reduces the time and costs of web accessibility.

In addition, we help you to stay one step ahead by running automated maintenance scans every 24 hours to make sure every update made to your website is compliant and accessible as well. By making web accessibility efficient, affordable, and continuously maintained, accessiBe is the leading solution for websites of all sizes.
quotes Between the combination of how powerful it was, what we were able to get from it, how quick it was to implement, and how competitively priced it is, it really became a no-brainer decision to go with accessiBe. Neil Steinhardt, President at ClassWallet
accessiBe VS the Competiton
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Frequently asked questions

  • Is accessiBe really powered by AI?

    Absolutely! accessiBe uses two AI engines. The first, "Computer Vision", is used for analyzing and describing images, while the other, "Contextual understanding", is used for learning the purpose and functionality of elements.

  • Can accessiBe enable users with disabilities to use my website?

    Absolutely! accessiBe is being used by over a million users with disabilities on hundreds of thousands of websites every month!

  • Can accessiBe help mitigating the legal risk?

    Absolutely! accessiBe powers over 100,000 websites in 5 different continents under many different legislations. accessiBe is the most trusted solution by industry-leading organizations!

  • How long does it take from installation to becoming compliant?

    accessiBe's AI-powered process takes up to 48 hours from the initial installation until your website is accessible and compliant. The longer accessiBe is on your site, the more accurate it is and the faster it is able to catch content.

  • Is there anything accessiBe does not address?

    accessiBe does not create captions to videos nor remediate PDF or SVG formats as part of the standard subscription. If you need help with any of that, please reach out to us separately and we'll help to guide you to the right direction.

  • Can I settle my lawsuit if I join and install accessiBe?

    accessiBe has successfully helped to dismiss and settle thousands of lawsuits, so yes, you should most chances you'll be able to easily settle and sometimes even dismiss your existing case by joining accessiBe.

  • How does accessiBe differ from web accessibility plugins?

    There are dozens of different web accessibility tools you can use for free, that all cover about 20% of the requirements. accessiBe is the leading accessibility solution powered by AI and backed by a team of 100 people and leading venture firms.

  • What disabilities does accessiBe cover for?

    accessiBe adheres to WCAG 2.1 AA requirements, which includes a wide array of disabilities. Some noteworthy ones are blindness, motor impairments, various degrees of visual and cognitive disabilities.

  • What happens if I use accessiBe and still get a demand letter?

    This is very rare but when you power hundreds of thousands of websites is may rarely happen. If it does, we provide a litigation support package and go above and beyond to help our customers dismiss the case. Not a single customer of ours has lost a case


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