#1 web accessibility solution

accessiBe  VS the Competition

accessiBe stands out among the competition by utilizing innovative technology to significantly reduce costs and time for businesses and be a reliable source for your web accessibility needs.
Technology differences illustration
AI Solution
OptionscheckmarkThe only automatic solutionAudioEye, User1st & moreMaxAccess, WP Access & more
CompliancecheckmarkWCAG 2.1, ADA, s508 & moreDepends on project scopeDo not comply with legislation
PricingcheckmarkPrice start at $490/year$5,000 - $50,000/yearFree to low cost subscriptions
TurnaroundcheckmarkUp to 48 hours from installationProjects take 3-26 weeksNo full turnaround
Success RatecheckmarkIndustry highest success rateDrops to 50% within 6 months5% - 15% of the requirements
MaintenancecheckmarkRe-scanning every 24 hoursRequire additional servicesNo maintenance included
#1 Web Accessibility Solution

accessiBe is the mosttrusted
solution in the market

accessiBe is trusted by over 100,000 sites including industry-leading organizations, government agencies, state websites, and leading law firms.

You are always supported

We provide litigationsupport ,
expertise, and experience

With accessiBe, you are always supported in easy times and in more challenging times. Our team and dedicated agents are in place to provide you with dedicated support for litigation purposes.

Accessibility is about people

Our impact on the world is immense and has touched many lives

While most competitors only care about being a legal bandaid, we work closely with our end-users, people with disabilities, on a daily basis to ensure a reliable, excellent digital experience that fits their needs.

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    We’ve invested millions into raising awareness and educating businesses on the importance of web accessibility

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    We work closely with disability-focused organizations such as Ruderman, Viscardi, and Crip Camp

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    We’ve made over 100,000 websites accessible in two years. Our competition has managed a few thousand, combined

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    We power and sponsor disability-focused organizations behind the scenes and on a daily basis because we care

The below video alone was watched by over 1,000,000 businesses that are now aware of importance of web accessibility!
quotes "There's no point to even using a word (accessibility) if the word doesn't apply to everyone" Miriam Lerner, Sign Language Interpreter
The huge differences

With us, accessibility worksforyou .
It’s a no-brainer for all businesses

We’ve created not only a product but a complete all-in-one service that makes accessibility accessible and achievable for all businesses.

They'll explain it best

See firsthand what our customers , partners  and users  have to say!

With so many happy customers, partners and users, accessiBe is the obvious choice. They'll love to explain why.


We make sure that you don’t have to compromise your site’s design

Competition: Requires you to follow specific color-ratios and font-sizes that hinder and limit the user experience you and your designers worked so hard to achieve. Often requires you to even completely revamp your design.

accessiBe: Lets you design your website however you think is best for your branding, user experience, and marketing efforts. Whenever a user with a visual impairment enters your site, they'll use our interface to adjust the design so it perfectly matches their needs.


We make web accessibility achievable and affordable  for all businesse

Competition: Achieving compliance manually requires a WCAG expert to work in conjunction with at least one full-stack web developer. They both need to put dozens of hours into remediating your site for compliance. This usually requires a high budget a lot of time and resources, something that not every business can afford.

accessiBe: Costs $490/year for websites under 1,000 pages, and there are a few other plans for websites up to millions of pages. All plans cost less than 10% of the average project price, as accessiBe's automation allows us to reduce costs by cutting out labor significantly.

Source Code

We don’t touch your source-code  or any previous adjustments you made

Competition: Requires you to provide a third-party service full access to your databases and your source-code, so they can dig through it and revamp it for weeks, hopefully without introducing new bugs in the process.

accessiBe: Installed with a snippet of JavaScript and modifies the code at the browser level only. It does not have access to, nor can it affect your source code. If you remove accessiBe, it’s like it was never there.


We maintain  your compliance throughout all website updates

Competition: Every new update your website undergoes is a challenge that requires a change in the code, which not everyone can do. This not only requires you to pay very high retainers but also to slow down and hinder your marketing efforts.

accessiBe: accessiBe re-scans and re-analyzes each page of the website using it, at a minimum rate of once every 24 hours, to ensure that every new update, addition, or revised content is being remediated to compliance instantly. This is one of our most significant advantages.


accessiBe's turnaround  time is up to 48 hours, to fit the need of the modern business

Competition: The WCAG is a 1000-page guidebook explaining what accessible websites look and operate like. It includes hundreds of code standards, best practices, and design guidelines. Because of its complexity, completing accessibility projects manually usually takes

accessiBe: accessiBe's process takes up to 48 hours to remediate your website. The process is automatic, and it begins right upon installing accessiBe. When our AI is done, you'll get an email with an "Accessibility Statement and Certificate" that explains how your website achieves compliance.


Find out now if your website is ADA  & WCAG  compliant