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Security,Privacy  &
Performance  at accessiBe

We implement the industry's highest practices and standards to protect your users' privacy and your website's security
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Security Practices

State-of-the-art infrastructure  based in the US

We use only highly secure servers that are based in San Francisco and New York, with above industry-level encryption and military-grade security.
Privacy Practices

accessiBe is GDPR  & CCPA  compliant and doesn't collect personal data

You need to ensure that your vendors don’t undermine compliance with data protection regulation. We do not collect any personal data from your website or users and don't affect your data-privacy compliance.
0.2 Seconds loading speed

Optimized for high performance  and quick loading times

In our impatient digital age, performance is crucial - so we make sure to never slow you down. accessiBe is optimized to load asynchronously at 0.2 seconds, so it doesn't get in your or your users’ way.
The complete security suit

Security  practices and features

See our list of extended security measures

  • Data encryption during transmission and storage checkmark
  • Support for data loss prevention checkmark
  • Fail-safe ready servers in Europe checkmark
  • Weekly vulnerability checks and audits checkmark
  • Support for script and link tags integrity checkmark
  • Active internal bounty program checkmark
  • Dedicated DevOps team on payroll checkmark
  • Daily manual and automatic malware scans checkmark
  • App modularity with microservices checkmark
  • Adequate access control measures checkmark

Script & style Integrity  validation

If your organization requires custom integrity validations for your scripts and links, we are happy to provide it. accessiBe fully supports and encourages resource validation delivery to ensure no unexpected manipulation has been done

  • Cookies? Not with accessiBe

    accessiBe uses localStorage without utilizing cookies as no data needs to be read on the server-side
  • Daily security hole bounty

    Hunting for security holes is a tradition at accessiBe and we encourage compensation for finders

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