1Digital Agency - Review & Testimonial

We started looking for an ADA solution after a client reached out and asked us to build an ADA solution for their eCommerce website. We were excited to find an automated and simple solution such as accessiBe.

Since we started using the platform, our experience with accessiBe has been very positive, and we had quite a few touchpoints on the road to becoming a partner. We had a product demo with Charles, who explained the complex legal arena within the ADA space, and he explained all the technical aspects of the system. Later on, we continued with Zeav, who helped us close open questions that we had regarding the partner program for our digital agency. We also got some great material to help introduce accessiBe to our E-Commerce customer base as an ADA solution.

Before we fully engaged with the accessiBe team, we requested getting someone from their team to assist our salespeople to become more familiar with the solution. Right away accessiBe scheduled a collaborative demo with their Sales Director and he helped our team get started.

Today, we use accessiBe on any new website we build for all our digital agency clients upon request, including eCommerce clients. Whenever we have a client that wants to get serious with ADA compliance, accessiBe is our go-to solution.

Dan Kogan,