Adam Weiss - Review & Testimonial

Adam, thank you so much for joining me today. 

My first question is to you, what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

What made us look for an accessibility solution for our clients was that we had several clients come to us, and they said external organizations had sued them. We needed to find a solution that was easy to plug in, easy to use, and worked pretty much a hundred percent of the time to make sure that their site was completely accessible without a long implementation period.

Yep, that's what we're here to do, and we appreciate that, very clear and concise.

And do you mind if I ask you why it’s important for you to make your clients’ websites accessible? What's the reasoning behind that as well?

One of the biggest reasons we need our client's websites to be accessible is that there are many people out there with disabilities who need to see these websites.

 In addition, we want to protect them from any kind of lawsuits that they might come into.

That was powerful.

And I'm wondering, why did you choose to partner up with accessiBe? I'm sure that you did your due diligence and the researching process, you know, looking at other alternatives out there. So why'd you come with us?

So before going to accessiBe, we did research a tremendous number of alternatives. Some of them were even free but what we found is that accessiBe had a full feature set. It was very reasonable from a price standpoint, and it was actually extremely accurate. And so we decided let's go with accessiBe; the prices are right, the feature set is perfect, and it's just what our clients needed. 

Awesome really. We appreciate that. We appreciate you being an awesome partner to us as well and constantly pushing the boundaries of where accessibility should be. You know for the general and of course for us specifically and now as a company that provides web accessibility solutions and awesome agencies like yours.

 So really, thank you very much, Adam, for joining me today, and let's do a partnership.

 Thank you very much.