Alex Oliveira - Review & Testimonial

Thanks for having me, Eli. It's been a great partnership with you guys. Again, Alex Oliveira; I’m the founder and CEO of Predict, we're a digital marketing consultancy, we've been doing this for about a decade, and I just really love the industry. We help many businesses, small, medium, and enterprise size, grow through many different digital marketing and lead generation solutions. And that sort of where accessiBe comes in with a solution that helps us do all of that.

Awesome. We're really proud to be partnered with you guys as well, a very serious company, and when it comes to web accessibility, what made you look for a web accessibility solution for your clients? When did that come out of the woodworks?

That's a great question. It was, I would say probably about three years ago, I was doing a lot of speaking engagements at lead generation conferences, digital marketing conferences, maybe 2017 started to hear about it, most people were not interested in it at that point. And it really wasn't until early last year that we started getting calls from clients specifically in an industry such as finance, mortgage, medical and legal, and real estate, saying, "Hey, we're getting lawsuits and letters of demand letters, saying that our website is not compliant and hey, we want to be compliant. So how do we do that?"

And we have always helped clients with their compliance needs because it's important with the data, TCPA, GDPR, all the compliance stuff that goes along with minimizing risk, we've always been at the forefront. And so, finding a solution for that came out of clients coming to us saying, "Hey, I don't need this risk, find me a solution."

That's excellent. And as far as how or why it's important to make your client's websites accessible?

You're a professional agency; of course, you want to offer the best in value to your clients, and one of those things is just to ensure that all the regulatory needs of the clients are met, whether they know about it or not.

Is there anything additional to that? Maybe you want to make your websites accessible once you started learning a little bit more about WCAG and the requirements of web accessibility?

Yeah, for sure. I think from a higher level at the C-suite with clients, קspecially the mid-size to a larger size, they get it. The culture of the company, being able to be inclusive, things like that, a better experience for all.

We know that as many as 20% of the population is disabled, so whatever the disability, being able to welcome any user and give them the experience that everyone else has, I think amplifies the message and the type of company that they are.

So, being able to explain it to them that way was easy because there's really no company that, I mean, aside from the risk, is going to say, "Hey, I don't want to be inclusive."

How do we do this? I have a specific example from a client that ran a school for kids on the spectrum, and typically it's the parents who don't have a disability, who are on the website, but just the parents, knowing that they can bring their child to the screen and be able to utilize the website that way, it changes the message for the company too. So that's an added value.

That's a really nice story, actually. Who wouldn't want to be or breed an inclusive company

culture that seems like a kind of a no-brainer? But that's excellent reasoning, and that's exactly what we're in it for or a large portion of that as well, of course.

And I guess looking through all of that and wanting to provide the best in product and service at all times from Predict media, why did you choose to partner up with accessiBe over the other alternatives that are out there?

Sure. So we take our partnerships, channel partnerships, strategic partnerships, very seriously even though we're a boutique company we're a small team, but we're mighty, we do big things, we've generated over 20 million leads for clients around the globe over the last 10 years. So we do big things. So for us, the solution has to match because it doesn't make sense to bring a Mickey Mouse solution, and there are many out there, and it's across every vertical, so, for us, when we look for a partner, we look at how serious is the company, what they're doing and promising, does it hold weight, and with you guys, the more we dug into it and compared you to some of your competitors, it was, I think that customer service now, not only you but other people on your team that gave us, that matched what we saw in the interface.

So it's great, a lot of people can build an interface that’s kind of "do it yourself,” support, do it yourself, here's a kit, go to it, right? We'll pay you a commission.

That wasn't the case with you guys. I can't remember how many calls we had, but it was a lot of calls, and you explaining what the benefit was, not only to us but also to our clients, and how you guys were going to be there. And then more importantly, how easy it’s to sign up, make the payment, and the partnership is just truly easy, and I wish that all strategic partnerships were as easy as it is with you guys, I gotta be honest with you, even with our own strategic partnerships that we have in the house, with other people that do the same, we've sort of taken a page from your book, some of the things that you guys do cause, you're doing some awesome.

Thank you very much, that's really kind. Wow, that's very flattering,

But honestly, I don't even have to fluff it up anymore; it’s amazing working with you guys, you're always easy to talk to, Jennifer, she was also extremely easy to talk to, so we're really proud to be partnered with you guys, and hopefully, we can push the bar together, and help everybody make the world accessible together, man.