Amy Pinder - Review & Testimonial

Why is web accessibility important?

Web accessibility is important because millions of people live throughout the world who have disabilities and have challenges accessing the internet. The internet is increasingly an essential part of our daily life. We needed to participate in work activities and, now, more than ever, in social activities and recreational activities. So, it's become a huge focus for my organization which provides accessible and sensory-friendly music and wellness experiences to people with disabilities, and now we have to do a lot of it on the internet, so it's very, very critical that all people have an equal right to access it.

Perfect. that's perfect; I was going to ask you if you want to add more about web accessibility in your organization; you answered that, do you want to add more specifically as far as the inclusion festival? It doesn't have to be; again, it doesn't have to be about a solution, just digital accessibility in your organization if you want to add more about that.

Sure, I mean it's so specific to the Covid, this global pandemic that we're experiencing, so since the global pandemic, we've had to move our Inclusion Festival programming online, which means we had to learn and consider a lot about web accessibility that we didn't already know. We had tools available on our website, but we switched to accessiBe and feel that the tools are much stronger. In delivering our content online, we had to think about closed captioning and sign language interpretation and the colors and types of lighting that we used in the videos we created. We have learned a lot, and we have a lot more to learn, but it currently impacted our organization a lot.