Amy - User with Parkinson's - Review & Testimonial

A lot of people really don't know what Parkinson's is, nor do they know that there's a large community that has to live with it every single day.

My name is Amy, and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease twelve years ago.
Before Parkinson's diagnosis, I was a content writer with high tech companies. I really loved it; I learned something new every day.

Since my diagnosis with Parkinson's, everything has become so much more complicated. My use of the internet has changed rather dramatically. My hands can freeze, become fatigued, or just tired, and it's become very difficult for me to keep a mouse steady and enter a website like I used to.

Last week I tried to buy shoes from a well-known company. It took me such a long time to move around the website that I just said the hell with it, and I went, and I did something else.

We would love to buy your products, just like everyone else, but we can't because it's just too frustrating.

This is why I really like accessiBe. Using the keyboard shortcuts or the quick navigation bar makes it really easy for me to read access or navigate a website.

accessiBe User with Parkinson's