Andrew Anderson - Review & Testimonial

First of all, we would like to understand what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients in the first place?

The issue is that you have to comply with the ADA in the US, virtually every single website that's out there that offers public service. As you also know, with hundreds of thousands of lawsuits and costing tens of thousands of dollars, I think we have a fiduciary responsibility to find the best solution for ADA compliance.

Yeah, that's the right way to go,

and I see that you guys have been pressing hard, and we appreciate that as well. And just generally, I think it's a fantastic way to go, versus after the fact and having to get the rind of the stick there, right?

We just got done through a couple of our client's websites out in Denver, and within two week period, there had been 50 lawsuits in just one county. So they were more than relieved. Also, we were talking about a little bit of the negative here, and that's real. I mean, there's going to be hundreds of thousands of cases because attorneys can make a lot of money of this, and it could put companies out of business. Still, the flip side of that’s, though, when you make your website accessible, you're gaining access to millions and millions of consumers that there's very little of any competition for them, and they have money to spend too.

So, we look at it as a win-win. It makes it more accessible and not just for people with disabilities that you would think to have disabilities. Still, many consumers in America are now fifty years and older, and a lot of the accessibility issues are because they can't see websites without their glasses and stuff. By doing that, they're gaining a lot more time on site. And so, it's a win-win-win for everybody involved.

Yeah, that's a way more eloquently put than I can put it, or maybe I can, but you did a great job there as well. And you answered my next question, which is why is it important to make your website accessible or your client's websites accessible, right?

Right. So you hit it right on the nose, as far as opening up to 20% of the population. One out of five people in the world has some form of disability that hinders their ability to appropriately or effectively access the web and not mention all of the money they're leaving on the table. It seems like kind of a no brainer to make their websites accessible.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know about that, and it's up to people like you and me to go

ahead and spread out the world and get the gears going, right?

Absolutely. May I ask you also, I'm sure that you looked for other alternatives in the marketplace; what made you choose to partner with us at accessiBe?

Well, we've got a wide range of clients, and a lot of them have multiple sites where they're located. We looked at the rest because we look at the back-end, we go in and make the sites accessible, and then we bring in accessiBe, as the insurance on that, and just to make sure everything's fine with it.

And when we looked at the other products and just don't have as much going on with accessiBe, I mean accessiBe is so much higher as far as the level of compliance and professionalism involved look and feel.

And it's just, it was the best product on the market, and we looked, I think of five or six other ones, and tried them out extensively and tested them, our team tested them, and they just fell short. It didn't provide a good experience for the client or the potential website users.

One of the other things too that accessiBe does is we put a lot of time and effort into SEO, and if you're compliant with the ADA, it's great for SEO and vice versa.

And what happened was that accessiBe doesn't mess with the work we did with that; the AI is intelligent enough not to mess up our work, whereas every other one we tried fell short in that arena.

If you don't rank well, that's another thing. It's great to be ADA compliant, but if no one's seeing your website, what's the use of it, you know?

Exactly. That's awesome. Yeah, I'm glad to hear. Andrew, thank you very, very much for taking the time to do this. It's not taken for granted, and the way we'd like to continue this is by trying to strengthen each other and anything that we can do for you at any time. You know where to find me as always.

And yeah, let's keep this going.

And yeah, let's keep this going.

Thank you very, very much.

Thank you, have a great day.