Ashley Scorpio - Review & Testimonial

My name is Ashley Scorpio; I am the VP of partnerships at Hawk media. So I oversee all of our third-party relationships, including with all of our mar-tech ad-tech, SAS partners, and vendors.

That includes sourcing the best in class solutions worldwide to ensure our clients are getting the best possible support that they need across all their various channels and platforms. To help deliver the best possible results for them across their marketing campaigns, ensuring that their digital presence is the best possible that it can be.

Awesome. Yeah.

Thank you for an in-depth explanation as well, and especially capsize, I would go off on a tangent for that one. So thank you for making that introduction. And when looking to acquire the best solution in class, what made you look for an accessibility

Solution for your clients, more specifically, do you think?

First and foremost, we have many amazing clients and brands, and businesses that we work with sell all different types of products, particularly to all different kinds of consumers. It's essential for many of the brands and businesses that we work with that are forward-thinking to make sure that they can best serve and reach all different people across the spectrum, regardless of any other obstacles hindrances they might have overcome.

And so, that's what accessibility comes down to making sure that their content and their website is readable and legible and accessible for every type of person and customer and client and consumer.

So I think first and foremost, it's a philosophical sort of fundamental thing, and then on the other side of the coin, I also think that in particular. However, we have clients worldwide, while based in the United States, many of our clients are here in the US. Of course, things can be quite litigious.

In America, in business. And so not only is it the right thing to do and the good thing to do, to make sure your site is accessible, it’s also the legal thing to do.

You need to make sure from a legal standpoint that your site is accessible. There is legislation that covers this, and of course, you don't want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

So, you need to make sure your site is accessible. So you’re also legally compliant, and that you're not opening yourself up, potentially, to lawsuits from consumers or consumer groups or protective groups or watchdog groups, here in the US and beyond.

Yeah, It's not only the right thing to do; it’s also the sound business thing to do.

Awesome. Yeah, you covered all facets of that. And the biggest thing is that when

people look at accessibility and not be necessarily a burden, they also see the benefits, of course, apart from the lawsuit mitigation side of things, which is important. Still, many people miss that there's a huge opportunity to patronize your business and, of course, expand your reach, which a lot of people don't understand.

So I'm glad that you guys have captured that as well, and I guess when it comes to vendors. You can see, of course, vetting the best solutions that are out there. We’re happy and honored that you chose to pair up with us, but I'm sure you looked at other alternatives. Why did you decide to go with us in the end? If you don't mind me asking.

Definitely. Yeah. I mean, we like to do our homework. We do a lot of research. We spent a lot of time vetting different solutions, whether that's the partnerships team here at Hawk Media, whether that's our different service teams.

In this particular case, for this type of solution, it would typically be our strategists and our web design and development team that would be vetting this type of solution. So, we have a lot of different eyes on, and we also have a lot of different experts with various specific types of background that are sort of approaching the solution, understanding it.

I think there's a lot of different reasons why we picked accessiBe specifically. I would say, ease of use, I would say it's very straightforward, It's effortless to install, It's also extremely affordable. It's funny because it's a tool to ensure that your site is accessible to everyone. accessiBe is accessible to everyone because it’s affordable; it has great

plans that clients of all shapes and sizes can probably feel is reasonable for them to leverage. And I would also say that we've had such a great working relationship as well.

So we appreciate the level of customer service and responsiveness we've received from you and your colleagues.

Thank you so much. Yeah, no. Awesome.

The same with Hawk, and regardless of this is a testimonial or not; there’s no fluff there required. It's just been phenomenal working with you, Raya. You know, Mr. Benowitz, I mean, everybody has only been so helpful and so professional. I know I urged this all the time

but I give compliments where they're due, and Hawk Media is one of those companies.

We're proud to be partnered with you guys, and thanks so much for doing this testimonial today. Appreciate it.

Of course. Yeah.

Do you have any more questions? Just let us know.

I will do that.