Becca Lefanowicz - Review & Testimonial

I would love to hear that point of view because we hear different opinions from different organizations, so I'd love to hear that.

Yeah, so, you know, we’re a non-profit that tries to give grants and get donors, so the easier the streamline for anybody to donate, is extremely important, and so pressing a button and not being able to press the button because the size of the icon isn't large enough is probably the

most frustrating thing ever, and even for me, like if I was trying to go and donate to charity

water or I want to donate to the Humane Society, you know, I can't press that button sometimes

and that's, and then I'll stop donating, and like, okay, I'm going back to my Instagram, or whatever, so it's really important for me to have clear visual buttons to live my daily life and to give back, which I think is super important during these times.

That's great. So you're saying web accessibility is a way to donate like it helps people donate and therefore improve and continue giving back to the community.

That's wonderful; I haven't had that answer yet, so that's really cool.

So, is there anything about the service itself that you maybe like to comment on because we did speak about this a little bit through email, about how we’re doing an awareness campaign for web accessibility, the conversations that we have are not about accessiBe per se? Still, it’s always great to have that point of view.

I’d like to hear if you have anything more you'd like to add about the service itself?

I think it's great; I think that the one thing that people don't understand is that there are so many aspects to accessiBe that it's not just touching, size, it's not just clicking through things, it's not visible, and it's like it's memory as well. I don't think people understand the full spectrum of how you guys are impacting and helping everybody. When I first started looking into accessible websites a couple of years ago, I didn't realize that there were standards and that there are legal standards that people need to live up to on websites. And the reason why I think it's important, but if there was an infographic that, and maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but that dictates what you guys are giving to people because people some individuals don't realize that when you're typing or you need to fill out a form. There’ a name, and when you click on it to type in your name, but then the name part disappears, so I think that what accessiBe does it pops it back up, because sometimes with people with memory issues they forget about what they were supposed to fill into that part of the form, so then they stop.

Wow, that's really great, that's really interesting, it's definitely noticing those things that, because we do speak about, kind of, like, you know, say keyboard navigation and screen reader optimization and the interface that deals with session-based design related, but yes there's so much more to it, that's a great example of one of the examples that we are, it's less brought up when we speak to people kind of like the first time about accessiBe, so that's great.