Cagan Group - Review & Testimonial

We always have our fingers on the pulse of our market. Based on what we were reading and seeing, we understood that having an accessible website is now expected from partners and clients. We knew we wanted to be ahead of the curve.

We started looking for solutions, but everything we found always had the same story: super-long turnaround times extending into weeks, with costs starting at $18k.

When we finally came across accessiBe, it was clear they were the only real innovation in the field. We were very excited to find them.

We deployed our first site with accessiBe in May 2019. The whole installation process was simple and straightforward. accessiBe’s technical support was also always on the spot. We had a few questions from our team regarding the search engine on one of our sites, and they were quick to help.

As a leading property management group, we cannot afford to work with less than the best solutions in the market and this is exactly how we see accessiBe when it comes to web accessibility.

The usability and effectiveness of accessiBe spoke for itself. Over a period of 6 months, we integrated the solution with all 25 websites our group manages.

We are looking forward to working with accessiBe on other projects in the future!

Bryan Cagan,
Director of Asset Management