Coastal Hospitality Group - Review & Testimonial

Coastal Hospitality is a leader in hotel management. Unfortunately, ours is an industry that has been one of those hit hardest by accessibility lawsuits.

We are very much aware of our obligations under ADA, and we fully comply with them when working with all our properties.

Accessibility is more than just a legal requirement for us. As a company we value inclusivity. Accessibility is just the right thing to do. That’s why for a long time now we’ve made sure to maintain accessible options on our guest properties.

But we had no idea ADA applied to the digital space. A while back we received a lawsuit for our website not being accessible. It took as completely by surprise.

We found accessiBe after we had already been served the suit. accessiBe tried to help us as much as possible to settle with a better result. Their customer service team connected us with the CEO, who prepared a top-notch video showing the auditing of our website with their software, demonstrating its compliance. The video was a big help during litigation.

We are very happy with the customer care we received, and continue to receive. We’ve already purchased licenses for most properties in our group, and are looking to onboard several more soon.

We feel confident in accessiBe’s protection, and we know that there’s a team willing and able to help with anything that may happen.

Jed Tarr,
General Partner