Dan Crowther - Review & Testimonial

So Nest Fragrances, they came out, they got hit with a suit, and we got them up and running within 48 hours, they thought it was too good to be true. And we've never heard from them since, which is a great thing. They still have our solution, and I still talk to a couple of people from their team. They’re happy with that, but what other things made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients once you become more aware as an agency, individually.

Yeah, for me, it was a serendipitous sort of moment because I have been a retail business owner myself.


So I owned a brick and mortar store, a little espresso bar here in Salem, Massachusetts. And one of the things that I learned when I was going through that whole process is that you can do whatever you want, but if you can't prove ADA compliance, people can't come through the front door. We took the store and made a digital version of the retail store, the brick and mortar store.

So, for me, things like accessibility, regulatory compliance, and then managing things like fraud prevention and different sorts of theft and so on, right.

Like the things that a typical retail store owner would provision in their store, right? They want to make sure that people can get in the front door.

That it's, wide enough and so on. And then they want to make sure that they have some means, if not either like an insurance program or antitheft sort of scheme in place. So, I thought we wanted to think of our stores as just that.

And then, you have to think of what you're just going to have to have done, right?

The same way you open up a brick and mortar store, you're going to have to get to an architect, you're going to have to get floor plans drawn, you're going to have to go to the department of health to get your certifications and the building department and all that. Those are pretty well versed in that type of process. And I loved the idea before I learned

about accessiBe, I loved the idea of just a couple of lines of code being able to, not just prove compliance, right?!

Give us as the developing agency sort of certificate that we went through

the process the right way. So, yeah!

Yeah! No, that's great. It seems like we make these plans and try to accommodate everybody. Still, there’s a significant portion of society that’s essentially just left out by default, and that's why ADA and compliance come into place. So I'm really happy that we're able to help you guys with that.

And just for everybody else without too much fluff is just be inclusive. And as far as it’s important, why is it important for you to make your client's websites successful? You did already give a nice portion of that answer, but I'm wondering if something was a little bit beyond that, maybe or not.

I mean, that's not a trick question, but yeah, I'll leave it there.

Well, yeah, I mean, I think everyone, no one wants to leave anyone behind. Right?

So I think that's something that the merchants feel in particular. As an agency coming to help a particular merchant, we look at it to increase accessibility and increase your revenue opportunities.

But I think there is also the sort of humanistic solidarity sort of

position there as well, right? That you want to be as inviting as possible to anyone and everyone. And so that's certainly part of our philosophy at Trellis, and again, it was just nice to find a solution that was just very easy to implement. 

Yeah, we appreciate that. And that segues into my last question, which is, I'm sure that you did some market research when looking into this, like, Hey, accessiBe looks great, Eli probably did a good job, maybe.

But I'm sure you looked into their alternatives that are out there. Why did you specifically choose to go with us?

Well, I mean, to be quite honest, I mean, I had a great conversation with Eli, and it had some of the many sorts of strategic goals.


And we’re in line on how to perhaps go to market together. I think there was like an instant sort of alignment there. I think it's true with many Israeli technology firms is there seems to be like the je ne sais quoi, right?

The sort of folks are very technically proficient and can speak to the software and the technology and then the market opportunity and so on and meld all of those into a kind of cohesive message that you get the sort of business strategy and business development portion of it.

You get the real nuts and bolts on the compliance side. And then you have this unique way of delivering it. And so, yeah, we call it a very comfortable, familiar type of discourse that we've had with accessiBe.

Just a bunch of bright people that have sort of taken an opportunity in the market and cleverly went to market.

So, we want to support that anywhere we can. We love it.

Awesome, man.

Listen, I rave and rant about Trellis all the time to my guys over here without; we appreciate you guys. Honestly, the whole team has been amazing.

We look forward to pushing through together, and yeah, hoping to make the world accessible for everybody, one site at a time together and again, appreciate you, man.

Thank you so much.

That's right.

Thank you.