Dr Hoby Wedler - Review & Testimonial

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this today. It means a lot to us. We’re so grateful, and obviously, you're a fantastic partner to have on board. We were very, very excited when you first signed up with us. So, yeah, it's great.

So obviously, I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions. The ones I sent over initially. Feel free to answer them in as much depth or as little depth as you want. I'll be very, very excited

to hear everything. So I'll get into it.

So, Firstly, I would love to understand what made you look for an accessibility solution for

your clients in the first place?

Well, that's a great question. And I can speak very personally to that because I am blind, and I've dealt with inaccessible webpages. And part of the claim that we want to make to our clients is what the website we designed for you will be accessible. Frankly, I didn't want to put my name on the fact that. Yes, your website is accessible because I'm creative, I'm an entrepreneur, I've got several companies, and quite frankly, I'm not an expert in web development and making websites accessible.

Finding a partner like accessiBe who could provide that service and potentially even hold up

in court if there was a suit made it very intriguing for me. And again, the blind user aspect plays in here and makes it so important way beyond a legal standpoint to offer our clients accessible websites.

The other is that we’re buying large designs for food and beverage and smaller

brands in the wine and spirits and sometimes beer and cider spaces. And one of the things is a lot of the people who try to find, I'll say it as nicely as I can try to find websites that are inaccessible and take legal action against the owner of those websites. A lot of that happens.

You'd be surprised how much happens in the winery. Typically family-owned,

winery, distillery, etc., industry. So we want to provide our clients with something that lets them know that they can count on their website is accessible.

Fantastic. Well, thank you. That was an amazing answer. I love that.

Now, a similar kind of question, but it kind of falls into your last answer, but why is it so important

for you to make sure that your client's websites are accessible?

Well, we, we designed first and foremost on a platform of full inclusion. That’s what we say, and people say; what are those inclusive design and inclusive branding.

Well, I give talks all over the place about how branding needs to be highly inclusive. We’re branding specialists and right along those lines comes making a website accessible.

I want people, I want my people just for selfish reasons to be able to access the websites I design, my company's design, but I also really want our clients to have the most inclusive and diverse, and equitable solution possible so that no one, I would hate to have anyone call my client and say, Hey, I tried to book an appointment, book a tasting with

you or whatever, and I couldn't do that because your website was inaccessible.

Can you help me on the phone? I want to give my clients an in-the-box solution to be as inclusive as possible to their customer base because, ultimately, we all win.

Fantastic. I mean, that’s spot on, and that's so great to hear. Just one last question, I would love to know why you did choose to partner up with accessiBe?

I've heard about you guys in the past. I'd see some of your websites. There are competitors out there out of the websites that I've checked out, you guys, that your platform works on seem to be accessible to me, frankly, it's the first thing that came up when I searched for a partner, and I saw no flaws, and I thought I'd reach out.

That's great. Amazing. Well, it makes so much sense. You do your SEO right.

That’s one thing we do very well. I can't lie about that one but know that that’s perfect.

That's so great. Honestly. Thank you so, so much for your time. It's so appreciated.