Frank Louvis - Review & Testimonial

Frank. Thank you so much. I appreciate you're coming on and doing this, and just a couple of quick questions here for you.


What made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients in the first place?

We got a new client that had just been on the receiving end of an ADA lawsuit for their physical showroom. So as we were doing their website, they were very concerned about their website is compliant. So I needed to find something, and at that point, I didn't have much knowledge about web accessibility. Like it wasn't one of those things that were on my radar, so I had to learn fast.

Right. All right.

Why is it important for you to help your clients to make their websites accessible?

For a couple of reasons, we don't want them to get sued. Because it reflects poorly on us, and it might involve us in their litigation too.


You want your website to reach everyone, and if it's not accessible, you cut out customers.

That's right.

From a moral, ethical standpoint, and business standpoint should make it as reachable to everyone as you can. And it's not that hard. Basic accessibility is easy, while full accessibility is challenging, really challenging. Unless you find a tool that you can use, that's going to take care of that part for you. 

What, I guess that segues into the next thing, which is why is it that you chose us? Why did you guys choose accessiBe for your accessibility needs?

There's nothing else out there that works, that does everything and guarantees compliance. And at least not at that price point. I mean, maybe if you're willing to spend $15,000 on a consultant, that's going to come in and do it all or something maybe then, but for us, there was nothing that we could do that would guarantee compliance that was within the cost frame of what our clients would pay.


Well, if you're paying five grand for a website, you're not going to pay 15 to get it compliant.

That's what we've been hearing from so many of our partners is that very sentiment, right?

The cost of becoming accessible and maintaining the accessibility outweighs the initial startup’s cost from the beginning.

No client is going to pay that. No, it doesn't make sense. So I'm grateful that we were able to find or build a solution. I should say that automates the entire process and keeps it at a price point that's affordable for everyone.


Thank you so much for being a valued customer and offering it to your clients. Really.

Absolutely. Thanks for sharing such a great product.

And it's because the solutions we had before did part of the job. But not enough. And they certainly don't guarantee that it's going to be compliant.