George Leloudis - Review & Testimonial

Well, I guess the first question I have for you is how you learn about web accessibility?

I was on the hunt. So we knew we had the need, or we thought we had the need. So I just went out to the web and did a search and found you guys, so.

Perfect. That's all I like to hear.

And then the next question would be, why is web accessibility important to your business?

Well, for one, we recognize that there are people that struggle with disabilities. And, until I looked into it, I had taken it for granted that certain disabilities navigating a website could be difficult.

At first, we were just trying to mitigate risks, but we learned a lot during the process, and It's nice to have an accessible website.

I'm finishing your sentences there.

And then the last question would be, why did you choose to join accessiBe?

The ease of implementation and the cost and accomplished the two things. I just mentioned mitigating risk and having an accessible website. We've just invested a lot in a new website. So we didn't want to have to go back and redo a lot of what we've done, and accessiBe, it was easy.

I just from a layman standpoint, it laid everything.

We had done and accomplished what we wanted to do.

Perfect, perfect. Well, that’s pretty much all we have.

I appreciate your time, and I thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.