Grace Oswald - Review & Testimonial

How are you doing?

Good. How are you?

Thank you.

I'm happy that you were able to join us today. I wanted to set up this call to understand a little bit more about your experience with accessiBe so far, how you guys felt with the product, and to start, basically a couple of questions.

How did you guys learn about web accessibility?

So I think what happened was our HR director reached out to my boss and me because we manage the marketing side of things on our website. She brought to our attention that there are many accessibility laws that we need to comply with for our website, and we didn't have that. I think what was going on is she discussed with our lawyer, our corporate lawyer. And I think he was just reviewing a bunch of things and kind of stumbled across our website. I think he brought that up to her and recommended accessiBe, so she communicated that to me in my boss.

So that's kind of just how it started. We honestly had no idea.

And I think it's really common for companies not to know that they're not following the law or not putting some sort of thing that they showed on their website. So yeah, so when we found out that we could get a really large fine for not.

Having this tool on there, we took care of it and tried to find a really quick but effective solution, and that's how we were recommended to you guys.

That's amazing. And why is web accessibility important for Tessy Plastics in your case?

Honestly, we want to attract and recruit a wide variety of diverse groups of people. Many people find jobs online now; everything’s online, everything's virtual, and website accessibility is extremely important.

So, of course, we want to make it easy, like the easiest way possible to recruit and for people to come to us.

That's amazing. I explained earlier, why is it that you guys chose accessiBe? Someone referred you. But what made you decide of

choosing accessiBe as the solution to go?

To be honest, it was pretty inexpensive from what I recall, I honestly, I'd have to look at the backend side of things for what we're paying right now, but it didn't seem outrageous. But it was also very easy what we did, it only took a few minutes to make the account and submit your inquiry regarding that you want to include the service on your website, and we scheduled a call with you. It was done within 10, 15 minutes, and it was just, it was very quick and effective, but it was also not super expensive.

So it was a perfect solution all around for us. It was very easy.

Have you guys had any feedback from any of your customers experiencing Tessy using accessibility now?

Unfortunately, I don't have that information; that’s probably more of an HR request,

I do receive the emails and forms that people submit through our website to contact us. But HR would probably be able to provide a little more of that feedback based on accessibility and how people use our website.

That's amazing. I'm really happy to hear that. Thank you very much for your feedback today. I don't want to take more of your time today, but thank you very much for taking this call today, and wishing you all the best guys and happy holidays.

It's Christmas.


Yes, yes.

Thank you.

No, this is great. I hope you have a happy holiday as well.

Thank you very much, Grace.