Hayden Orr - Review & Testimonial

Hi, I'm Hayden Orr.

Accessibility on the internet is crucial for me. I'm a deaf artist and a deaf programmer, and because of being in those two worlds, I'm online a lot. I have to scour the web for information and resources to help me with projects and find courses I can take, which will help me build even more technology and art skills.

I'm grateful that there is so much out there now because I remembered back five or six years ago, I had to struggle to find any videos with captions for what I needed to learn. I had to search high and low just to find transcripts of the materials, and maybe I'd find just one caption choice when I knew there were so many resources out there.

Often if I found a captioned video, I had to pay. Imagine having to pay for information that everyone else was getting for free. Fortunately, things have changed, and now there's a ton of choices and so much support and so many materials I now have access to for the many projects I'm involved in.

I'm incredibly grateful to the internet.