Hyperlinks Media - Review & Testimonial

As a digital marketing agency, we’re always keeping one eye open to the web regulation scene. After ADA lawsuits started to increase, we decided it’s best to be preemptive about this and ensure our clients’ safety.

We scheduled a demo with Ben from accessiBe. He explained all the aspects of web accessibility from the legislation angle, as well as the difficulties with most solutions in the market. When Ben showed us accessiBe’s technology, we are extremely impressed by the work they had done with AI.

After the demo, we went ahead and added accessiBe to one of our clients’ websites. Installation went smoothly and quickly. Everything just worked right away. No problems at all.

A few days after the installation, we received a certificate of compliance from accessiBe, ensuring us the AI has analyzed the site and fixed the issues found.

We’re already looking to expand our collaboration and onboard non-profits we work with. accessiBe generously offered as a great deal with a substantial discount to help these non-profits ensure their sites are compliant as well.

Charles Mazzini,
President & CEO