James Moon - Review & Testimonial

Before that, I just really want to thank you for joining me.

So I guess we can start by asking you what exactly web accessibility is to you?

So we're an appliance manufacturer, and so we specialize in cooking appliances and air purification systems. So we had received many requests from customers who had some difficulty with access to our creative content.

So videos, cooking videos, things of that sort. Over the years, as these requests became more frequent, we want to look for a more holistic approach to provide a similar experience to all people, regardless of the disability type or the severity of the impairment.

So that's when we started focusing on reaching out and making sure that our websites were all accessible to our consumers.

Perfect. Awesome. Thank you.

And then the next question would be, why is web accessibility important in your opinion?

And even though it may be kind of a similar answer to the last question, feel free to answer how you want.

Yeah. Again, our business focuses on the user experience and the enjoyment that a consumer gets from cooking food. So that experience, as an appliance manufacturer, we felt that it was important to prioritize web accessibility for all of our users because obviously, cooking that experience is not delegated to a certain group based on some sort of a disability. And so we want everyone to enjoy our services equally.

Perfect. Perfect. All right.

And then the last question would be if you could share your experience of using websites that use accessiBe? Be at your own or other websites that you, maybe you found out about accessiBe from them.

So accessiBe, to me, was the most comprehensive and the most holistic approach to our pain points, and so it covered all disability types. So I can redo that cause, uh, I think I'm alert came on. So accessiBe was the most comprehensive and holistic approach to all disability types that we're looking at as a pain point to our websites’ functionality. When approaching this project, our goal was to find a single solution that’s easy to implement on our websites without affecting the user experience.

For me, it’s the normal course of business, so accessiBe checked all those boxes, and it was very easy to implement into our systems.

Perfect. Awesome.

Well, that’s pretty much everything. I want to thank you again for joining me. It's very much appreciated. Suppose you do have any additional feedback feel free to send me an email at any time. I'm more than happy to help you out, but again, I just want to thank you, and yes, take care and enjoy the rest of your day. And thank you for being a customer of ours.

Thanks, Kevin.