Jim Kellen - Review & Testimonial

We have Jim here from Almost Illegal Ads.

And we very much appreciate here at accessiBe for you jumping on, you know, for this very brief interview. And just a couple of questions, I'll get right into it.

First and foremost, I just wanted to ask what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

Well, about three or four weeks ago, I came across my desk. You know, this was an issue, to be honest with you. I work with law firms. We've been working with law firms for about six, seven years.

One of my clients brought it to my attention, and I went and researched it and realized that this was a, you know, a huge need. So I went down the rabbit hole and ended up talking to you guys.

Yeah, I know, we hear that so much. There's always that the one client that's interested in, and it kind of sparks a whole new topic for an agency, though. So, so it's, it's great that you guys are in it.

But you know, since you have made that discovery and done your due diligence, I wanted to ask why you feel it’s important for you to make your clients' websites accessible?

Oh man, you know, just going down that rabbit hole, it was immediate, epiphany, right?

The risk of these lawsuits and because we work with dozens of law firms. At minimum biweekly calls with all of my clients that I have very close relationships with. I have realized that so many people are unaware of the importance of web accessibility and the risk they take with their websites. It was just mind blown. And so, yeah, you know, immediately when I started researching and realize the implications to our clients, there was no question we had to get it done. We had to make this happen.

That's great. We're really happy that, as an agency, you’re taking web accessibility very seriously for yourselves, and of course, your clients, which brings me to my last question, you know, why did you choose to partner up with accessiBe?

Yeah. So I'll try to keep this short, you know, I'm one of those guys that does a lot of research, right. And I did; I researched a lot of companies, a lot of options, the manual options, the "going the expert" route, several different products similar to yours.

I spoke with several companies like yours, and after speaking with you guys and you guys were the last company that I spoke with; again, it was a no brainer decision for me.

I think one of the most important things is the people, right?

If we're going to be building an ongoing relationship and I'm going to, you know, market your services per se, you know, I've got to believe in the people that I'm working with. You guys just stood out to me bar none, from all of the companies that I worked with and, you know, the user interface with software solutions like yours on the front end of the websites.

I found yours to be much better than, than the others out there, and I just felt like I was dealing with an honest company who had a top of the line product in this area, and you know, after I spoke with you guys, and it was you specifically, Simon, yeah, it was a no brainer.

It was just like, you know before we got off that first call with guys was like, okay, how do we get this going?

I appreciate it. And I also very much appreciate the personal shout out and, you know, for us to distinguish ourselves, as a web accessibility company, thanks so much, and it means a lot. And thanks so much, Jim, of course, I know it's the holidays, and you guys have a lot of work in preparation for next quarter, so I'll let you get to it.

But once again, we very much appreciate it, you know, me personally and us as a company, of course, happy holidays and happy new years.

Most definitely. Same to you. And thank you for the support these first couple of weeks; we’ve been working with you guys.

You guys have been awesome. Thanks so much.

Take care, buddy.

You too.