John Kemp - Review & Testimonial

Why is web accessibility important?

Web accessibility is critical to the full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. Today we rely upon the internet, the world wide web, for shopping, for education, for employment, for all aspects of our daily living. Without access, full and complete access, real-time access, it’s not fair for people with disabilities to be put behind. So, full accessibility is an absolute requirement, an essential part of our daily living.

Digital accessibility services are now an essential part of the Viscardi Centers offering to employers and organizations looking to serve the wide population. Our partnership with accessiBe allows us to extend our services and to reach more and more individuals and companies who are looking to include people with disabilities as customers, as suppliers. As employees, we think that we need to offer these kinds of services in partnership with accessiBe and others to reach and include all people with disabilities in all aspects of life.