Joseph - Motor Impaired User - Review & Testimonial

Hi, my name is Joseph, and I suffer from quadriplegia.

This means I'm paralyzed from my chest down. I basically can't move my fingers, I can only do certain movements with my wrists. I'm 27 years old, and I'm studying data science. I really love technology.

I'm constantly on the web engaging with software, like most of us today. But when I visit a website that is not accessible by keyboard navigation I feel really stuck. Because every time I want to read something or buy something online it's a complex, frustrating nightmare.

I can't see where I am, icons and buttons aren't clickable alone and by the time I finally get to the article or shopping cart I was looking for, I'm mentally exhausted by the whole thing. This is why if I can't easily navigate a website using my keyboard I often just leave the website.

But, when a website is with accessiBe and I can navigate using my keyboard, that reverses my whole experience. I'm much more relaxed because I can easily read whatever I want. Or I can access and buy whatever I need with no problem whatsoever.

Motor Impaired user of accessiBe