Justin Burrow - Review & Testimonial

Okay. So the first question is, how did you learn about web accessibility?

So, I first learned about web accessibility back, long before, the modern age of

how we do web development today. And it was mostly in things like don't hide text inside images. Otherwise, screen readers can't read them.

And then that was pretty much the extent of it. Labeled your forms correctly, and it's now grown to things like analyzing the contrast of your color combinations that you used for text on a background and stuff like that.

I think it was really as semantic HTML started to become a thing that also helps screen readers and other devices. That was, I think, where I learned more about web accessibility.

Okay, great. Why is web accessibility important for your business?

Sure. Being a part of the yoga community and wanting to serve our customers in the best way possible, inclusivity is a huge part. Inclusivity means provide for anyone with any type of disability or need to be accommodated, accounted for, and provided. So it's hugely important for us.

Amazing. Last question. Why did you choose to join accessiBe?

We just joined accessiBe because it provided a solution that left our site’s aesthetics, mostly or entirely untouched for users who don't need any additional accessibility support, and provided a slew of options for users who do.

Down to things like I mentioned, color contrast ratio, and things like that, up to full on-screen reading ability. And it kind of helps us fill in the gaps where we might've missed things and not caught them because it's a difficult thing to stay on top of unless you have someone auditing your site internally, full-time on a day-to-day basis.

So, accessiBe makes it a straightforward one-shot solution for us.

Amazing. Thank you so much.

Well done with the questions. Thank you for answering them.

I'm going to send you an email just to close everything.