Kate Wolovsky - Review & Testimonial

Hi, Kate. I'm thrilled to have you here with us today. So, how did you learn about web accessibility?

Well, I don't remember a time that I didn't know about it because I'm disabled myself, and I was always looking for a site that was accessible for me. And, so yeah, it's been really from the start

to just sort of looking for what I needed.

Amazing. Why is web accessibility important for your business?

It's so essential. It's at the very heart of the work that I do. So I'm a researcher. I work at Indiana University at the Kinsey Institute in the traumatic stress research consortium lab. Yeah, a lot of the work we do, we do online surveys, and so have accessibility.

We need, and it's my passion as a person with a disability, to make sure that we reach everyone.

I can't imagine doing the work that I do without web accessibility.

Thank you. Last question, why did you choose to join accessiBe?

Wow. Well, accessiBe was the simplest for us to implement, and also, it's the easiest to use. Honestly, I wish that accessiBe was on every site everywhere.

We put it on our disabled duo sites because I consult work and other healthcare providers and training events.

So it's on our sites, and we're working on integrating it into all the surveys we do. The only thing accessiBe does not have is that it doesn't translate for Lucy, my service dog. So everything else is perfect, and I recommended that.

Thank you so much for answering those three questions.